Things You Might be Interested to Do in Silverton CO.

September 20, 2019

Silverton in Colorado is a mining area that has remained true to its roots despite all the progress around it. It’s not to say that the town is backward. But the residents here are genuinely proud of the little community they have.

In recent years, however, the town has embraced tourism as a prime driver of its economy.

Tourists book vacation rentals Silverton co. while they sample what the rugged terrain has to offer.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Most of the visitors that stay in Silverton are thrill-seekers or families looking for a unique vacation experience. The Silverton Mountain is one of the major arteries of the San Juan mountain range.

People climb the mountain for the challenge. There’s only one way up, and that’s through a chair lift. After that, it’s a long way down from the summit of 12,300 feet above sea level. Climbing is not for beginners and novices because they can hurt themselves.

Silverton Historic District

Have you ever wondered what it’s like how pioneers lived at the turn of the Century? The Silverton Historic District is an area frozen in time. The modern vehicles and clothes seem anachronistic when you walk downtown. They look out of place. In fact, you expect a wagon to pass by instead of an SUV.

While the views are gorgeous, the town is ensconced between two mountain passes, after all, it’s the people that draw you in. The residents here are very proud of their city, and they welcome visitors with a smile. Although the place seemed to be remote, you can still book vacation rentals Silverton co, so you have a home away from home.

Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour

The drive toward the destination is an adventure in itself. The mine started operating back in 1872 owing to three brother-pioneers who were already extracting minerals from the No. 7 vein. The name itself was derived from the company–Old Hundred Mining–that purchased it in 1904.

See what the lives of miners were like and the evolution of the industry. You will ride a mining cart going inside and also be given with hard hats and raincoats. The mines are entirely safe, but you might hit your head on the roof in some parts if you are not careful. The raincoats are to protect you from the damp and cold. You will go 1,500 feet deep into the mine, and the whole tour will last for about an hour.

4×4 Off-Road Adventure

What better way to explore Silverton’s gravel roads and mountain passes than to hop on a 4×4, off-road SUV? You can head off to the Polaris Adventure website for reservations. You will ride either an RZR or a Ranger for a half-day or a full-day of adventure. You can drive the vehicles yourself or be on the passenger seat in one of the guided tours.

It’s rare when mining towns survive after their primary industries have folded. But Silverton managed to stroll by. Over the years, Most of the mines that fueled the town were already closed down. But there is still plenty to do in this San Juan County town, which makes it a popular destination for tourists.

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