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Things You Need to Consider When Relocating to the Bronx

October 1, 2019

There are many reasons why one would choose to relocate to the Bronx over Manhattan when they come to live in New York City. Home to the Yankee Stadium and the New York Botanical Garden, this is a vibrant district home to many different ethnicities and cultures. It is a brilliant place for many people to make their start as they prepare to take on the Big Apple. Nevertheless, there are some important things you need to consider when moving to the Bronx.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them now.

Investigate the Neighbourhoods

Just as you would thoroughly investigate a neighbourhood anywhere else before you moved there, you need to make sure that your chosen Bronx neighbourhood has everything you could ever want from it. Spend a significant amount of time there before you sign a lease and make sure you go at different times of the day and night. This will help you work out whether or not this is the place for you.

Find Storage Options

Sometimes you may have to go into a temporary place before you can get a lockdown on the apartment you actually want. This means that you might not be able to hold onto all of the furniture or clothes you want to during this process.

An easy way around this is to investigate what self-storage in The Bronx is available. Moishe’s Self Storage are one of the popular choices amongst movers as they’ll come and pick your items up for free. Just make sure you plan ahead for exactly what you need and book your storage in advance.

With the right self-storage units, you will know that all of your possessions are kept in a safe and secure location during your hunt for the perfect place. You will also be able to hold onto your Bronx storage units for as long as you need to, so even if the property search drags on your belongings will be safe.

Note the Commute Time

No matter where you happen to go in the Bronx, you need to keep the time it takes to commute to your job into consideration. New Yorkers have a public transit commute of approximately 53 minutes and that might not ideal for you depending on your situation. What’s more, if you work down the southern end of Manhattan, it might be better for you to find somewhere closer to it so your commute times are better.

It can be a difficult balancing act to find an apartment which meets all of your criteria but it is something that needs to be done to the best of your abilities. While some compromises can be ignored, there are plenty of other ones which you can certainly incorporate into an apartment search. Don’t opt for the first place you find unless it is exactly what you are looking for.

The Bronx is one of the most interesting places to head to in New York and it offers you the perfect retreat out of the craziness of Manhattan. However, you need to think carefully about where you want to go when you are finding a place to live. From the right neighbourhood to the amenities close by, finding the perfect Bronx pad might not be as easy as you might think.

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