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Tips on Getting Your HVAC System Ready for the Winter

October 8, 2018

October is here! Back-to-school sessions have come and gone. Before you realize, winter will be here. The HVAC system is one of the few components that you will always require to conquer the weather seasons all year long. Winter is one of the worst periods to have a faulty HVAC system. Although the flawed AC system is likely to cause discomfort and sweating during the summer, the situation during winter is far worse. You must ensure that your home is cozy and that entails preparing for the winter season as soon as possible.

Here are ways on how you can get your HVAC system ready for the cold months ahead.

1. Clean and replace the air filters

replace the air filters
Surprisingly, most people have no clue of how an AC system manages to keep the house in good condition all year. The system has an air filter, and which filters the air being blown into the house. Some systems have one filter in the furnace while others have filters in every vent around the house. The performance of the air filter deteriorates with time, and that’s why they require regular cleaning or replacements if they fail. Having a perfect air filter means that your house gets clean air which is good for your health. Besides, cleaning and replacing the faulty filter ensures a strong AC system to serve you during the cold months of winter.

2. Clean the heat exchanger

Clean the heat exchanger
The heat exchanger is a significant part of your home’s HVAC system. Therefore, it should be checked regularly. HVAC technicians always insist that it should be cleaned out properly at least once a year, and by a professional. However, when preparing for the winter season, it’s advisable to ensure that it’s in good condition to avoid surprises. First, you must disable the unit to prevent injuring yourself. While doing the cleaning, you should check for cracks that can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. In case of any holes, you must contact specialized personnel to do the repairs before winter comes knocking your door.

3. Clean and lubricate the motor

Clean and lubricate the motor
Today, there are different types of HVAC systems in the market. These systems come with a unique motor system. Some of the engines require lubricating while others don’t. Therefore, you must confirm with the owner’s manual to see if the motor needs lubrication. If it’s the kind that requires the lubrication, proceed with the task. Again, remember to power off the whole unit. Your safety comes first. Then, open the cover and start by cleaning the caps covering the bearings. Lastly, remove the cap and lubricate the bearings carefully. These two tasks prepare your HVAC system for the cold winter season. The lubrication ensures that your motor doesn’t break during the winter season, and when you need it much.

4. Cover the AC condenser

Covering up the AC condenser is one of the few ways to prepare for the summer season. However, the covering depends on your HVAC system. If the system has a heat pump, you don’t require to cover the AC condenser fully. This cover protects the condenser from the falling icicles during the winter season, and which can cause significant damages to the AC system. A board or large trash can’s lid can perform this task correctly. But, never make the mistake of covering the condenser with a moisture-trapping tarp.

5. Clean the outdoor unit

Clean the outdoor unit
Cleaning the outdoor unit is also one of the few ways to get your HVAC system ready for the winter season. It’s advisable to check the unit for any debris and damages that may have occurred. Make sure that you clear the area around the outdoor unit and that entails trimming tall grass, trees, or shrubs which can interfere with the unit’s functionality during the winter season. Then, using the garden hose, clean and rinse out the twigs, dirt and other debris that may be in the unit. But, remember to also switch off the unit first before proceeding with the cleaning for your safety. This cleaning is significant as you will be in a position to notice any damages or stubborn debris. In such situations, set it and forget it with the help of an HVAC professional.

6. Test the igniter switch

Test the igniter switch
The unit’s igniter is one of the few components that can let you down during the unforgiving cold winters. Therefore, you must check to ensure that it’s in good condition. The electronic igniter is usually in the recent AC systems. For the old ACs, you will have to relight the pilot to make sure that it’s working correctly. If the igniter doesn’t work, press the reset button. Still, if it doesn’t do the magic, check your breaker and make sure that it’s ok. If the switch is ok, it’s time you call the services of an HVAC professional before it’s late.

HVAC systems are an essential part of every home. The system makes the stays in the house bearable. Therefore, you must ensure that your AC system is on point to handle all the weather seasons. For example, the winter is one of the worst periods to have a faulty system. In the article, there are six ways to prepare your HVAC system for this cold season.

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