Tips on How to Publish an Online Obituary

June 23, 2020

In the funeral industry, online obituaries are now the thing. With the obituary online, you can save some money because it costs less than the traditional newspaper obituary. An online obituary will stay longer versus publishing it in the newspapers that will only stay for a day or two. Thus, here are the steps for posting online obituary:

Check for Sites to Publish your Loved One’s Obituary

You can do your research to check for appropriate places to post your loved one’s obituary. Among the sites where you can include your online memories are the newspapers, funeral home websites, community organizations, churches, online obituary websites, and fraternal organizations. You can also post your obituary on social media. Ask your friends for recommendations. You can also check the internet and read the reviews of the previous clients.

Writing the Obituary

In writing the obituary, you will also want to include facts on it. Begin by writing the full name of the deceased. Include his date and place of birth and date and place of death. You can also indicate his age at the time of death. Take note of where the deceased lives at the time of his death. If you want, you can indicate the cause of death.

Provide brief summary of the person’s life. You don’t have to indicate every detail just the important facts or information. This will help the reader learn about the deceased. Moreover, this will help the reader determine if he has a connection with the deceased.

Include the details of the funeral or the reception of the memorial service if applicable. Finally, you can include the charities or memorial fund where donations will be sent in memory of the deceased. Remember, you have to get the facts right. Have at least one person to proofread your obituary to avoid mistakes.

Make it Personal

In writing online memories, make sure that you make it personal. It is very important to capture the spirit of your loved one who passed away. Make sure to write a paragraph that describes not only the things that your loved one has done. Furthermore, write about what he was like. For example, you can focus on writing about his passions, hobbies, and personal characteristics.

Try to dig in details that will keep the person alive in memory. It doesn’t matter if the person was an electrician, waiter, president, cook, or dance. Everyone has its own story to tell.

Select a Photo

A photo will bring obituary to life. As such, select a photo that will show your loved one’s personality. Typically, a close-up or portrait of your loved one’s face will work best. You can choose a recent photo or a photo from their youth, it’s up to you. Some websites will allow you to post several photos or videos for the obituary. Make sure to check with the website for any specific requirements.

If you are dealing with a funeral home, they will assist you with formatting the obituary. If you are having a hard time choosing a photo, you can consult other family members.

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