Top 5 Fun Things to do for a Sports Fan During Lockdown

May 22, 2020

Since the pandemic has forced all of us to stay indoors, we have to find activities that do not expose us to the virus.

As a sports fan, this is not a fun time, since all professional sports have been canceled. Make sure that you and your mates hold off playing outside until the government says it’s okay. This way, we can flatten the curve much faster, and things can go back to normal.

As soon as the infected are cured, we can go back to booking algarve golf holidays and going to different stadia for games.

Here are five things you can do so that the boredom doesn’t drive you crazy.

Indoor table tennis

This is the perfect time to play indoor table tennis because the game ensures you observe social distancing. As a parent, you can use this opportunity to bond with your kids. Table tennis is an excellent game, and it will teach the kids about eye-hand coordination.

If you don’t have table tennis with you, you can liaise with your kids’ school to have access to their indoor tennis room. Make sure that when you get there, you’re the only one to avoid exposing your kids to the virus. Remember to carry your sanitizers and ensure everyone is wearing a mask.


Boxing is an excellent way to get out of your head if you’re getting stressed and anxious. If you have a home gym, you can spend time in there, boxing, to take your mind off the news.

If you have company, the better, this is an excellent full-body workout technique that ensures that you stay fit even during this quarantine period.


If you’re a boomer, you’ll remember Subbuteo from the pre-internet days. This is the perfect time to bring back activities you’d forget all about.

This game involves flicking figurines made of plastic around a felt mat. This retro game comes with a lot of excitement and adrenaline; your kids would enjoy it.

Moth Hunting

Many agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to appreciate nature more. If you’re a nature buff, you’ll enjoy moth hunting.

Since springtime is around the corner, you and your kids should think about trying this. Hunting moths are quite entertaining, and it allows the kids to enjoy the outdoors without exposing themselves to the virus.

Extreme monopoly

It is always a good time for monopoly, and it’s a safe game during this coronavirus pandemic. This is a contest that doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity. It’s ideal for a household with people from different age groups. Which means you can play with the kids, as well as the elderly.


Even though we’re facing a global pandemic, it doesn’t mean we should worry all day and forget about having fun. These activities help you lead a normal life even during these abnormal times. Make sure you keep everyone safe and that you wear a mask, each time you have to go outdoors.

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