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Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

February 20, 2021

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel this year, you should consider what is trending in the world of Santa Barbara interior design. Kitchen designers are moving past the all-white kitchen that has dominated the past few years in favor of new styles and features to enhance the heart of your home. From new materials to better storage, your kitchen is in store for a major makeover that is both sophisticated and functional. Here are some of the top trends for 2021 to elevate your kitchen style.

Colorful Concepts

Feel inspired with new colorful options when you update your kitchen space. From appliances in both vibrant and pastel shades to pops of color for seating or cabinets, you can put more personality into your décor. Some homeowners feel that all-white kitchens are too sterile and want a room with more coziness and vitality.

Warm Wood

Wood cabinetry is also making a comeback, but expect more alternatives than just dark cherry, traditional oak, or shaker maple. The beauty of the wood itself becomes the focus, and some kitchen designers Santa Monica are even showing custom cabinetry made from reclaimed wood for more texture and appeal. Using wood also gives a natural feel to the space, especially when paired with other ecofriendly touches to bring the outside in.

Broad Backsplash

Unique tiling used for backsplashes is also giving way to two different trends, each with a different direction. The first is foregoing small or intricate tile patterns, instead choosing large panels of marble that carry the look of a smooth countertop to the wall behind it. The other trend is taking a backsplash all the way to the ceiling, giving a kitchen more of an accent wall rather than just a few rows of eye-catching tile work.

Glorious Gold

Have you had enough of brushed bronze, muted nickel, or shiny chrome fixtures? The new metal for kitchens this year is sumptuous gold. Look for faucets, sinks, and hardware with a brass or gold finish to elevate your kitchen elegance. They can look more opulent with rich, dark shades such as black, navy, or green to make your kitchen the ultimate in luxury.

Smarter Storage

Open shelves have replaced upper cabinetry in recent years, and homeowners have had to sacrifice storage for style. 2021 is bringing storage back in a big way. To-the-ceiling cabinets are back on the kitchen menu, only with sleeker finishes and hidden hardware. With more storage, you can hide frequently used appliances that may be cluttering your countertops.

Perfect Pantry

No kitchen remodeling Los Angeles would be complete this year without a well-organized pantry that works for your needs. Custom layouts with shelving can make the most of the space you have and speak to how you use your space. Whether you want a wine rack, built-ins for spices, or pull-out drawers for non-perishables, you have control over what your pantry looks like for easy access to the tools and ingredients you use.

Do these new trends for 2021 have you itching to get starting on a remodeling project? Talk with a designer who can show you how to improve your kitchen with trends that should stay in fashion for more than a few years.

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