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Top Signs Of Rat Infestations That You Should Be Aware Of

January 16, 2021

The mere sight of a rat in the street can make people shudder. Despite there being very few cases where a rat has bitten a human, these creatures are responsible for the spread of many different diseases, including the plague and rat-bite fever.

That’s why you need to click here and get the number of your local pest control experts. Keep the number on hand, if you ever have an issue with rats then you’ll want to call the exterminators quickly. The sooner they tackle the problem the quicker it will be resolved. 

Signs You Have A Rat Issue

The good news is that there are several obvious signs that tell you about an existing rat problem. If you’re aware of the signs you’ll be able to deal with the issue earlier rather than later. 

1. Rat Sightings

The most obvious sign that you have a rat problem is when you start seeing them in your home. The simple truth is that if you see one rat, there are probably many more not far away. 

Rats are very good at having babies. A female rat will be pregnant six times a year. Each litter will provide approximately 12 baby rats, also known as pups. These rats are capable of having babies of their own within 5 weeks. 

That means two rats can become approximately 1,250 rats in just twelve months!

2. Droppings

The next clue that you have a rat issue is when you start to see rat droppings around your home. These will usually start under cupboards and in dark spaces. But, as the rats become bolder you’ll find them across the floor and even on your food preparation surfaces. 

If you trace the droppings back you’re likely to find a concentration of them. They are dark brown, approximately 1cm long, and look a little like a grain of rice. 

3. Scratching

If you hear scratching noises then you may have rats living in part of your home. Most rats are very good climbers, this means they can get into almost any area of your home, including the roof space.  If you hear scratching they may be creating a nest or simply moving around, more investigation is important. In addition, brown rats make a grinding noise with their teeth, you’ll be able to hear this. 

The noise they make helps you to identify where the rat is, which makes it easier to deal with the issue.

4. Gnawed Furniture

Rat’s teeth never stop growing. That means they need to be constantly ground down or the rats would hurt themselves. They generally gnaw on wood furniture to wear their teeth down. If you notice teeth marks on anything in your home then suspect you have a rat issue. 

5. Rubbing Marks

The majority of rats will follow the same path to and from their newt. This is because they have poor eyesight and prefer to run along next to something to ensure they are safe. The result of frequent rat runs is wood skirting and other substances start to develop marks, reflecting the use. You can use these marks to identify a rat issue and work backward to find their entry point.

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