Top Tips for Managing a Zoo

August 29, 2023

Zoos are beloved sanctuaries for families and individuals all over the country. However, being in charge of one comes with a unique set of metrics to navigate. There is an additional welfare factor and the expectation that both non-profit and for-profit business considerations are dually enhanced. To find success in this area, draw inspiration from the following tips. 

Sustainability Matters

A sustainable zoo is one that considers its environmental impact and carbon footprint. It is essential to care for animals and support visitors with an eco-focus because this is the thing that matters most in modern living. It also supports better longevity and ensures animals are cared for ethically above all else. This can be achieved in many ways from creating green partnerships with food suppliers to making adjustments around the site itself in both customer areas and animal enclosures. 

Fundraising Is Essential

There is a high cost associated with successfully running a stable, safe zoo environment. A major part of leading a zoo establishment will be centered around bringing money in and creating long-lasting donor connections in the local community and wider country too. Therefore, the search for new fundraising ideas should never end, and there needs to be a continued focus on bringing money into the fold in a meaningful, sustainable way. 

Organizational Aspects

In every zoo, regardless of size, there are at least zookeepers, administration teams, and financial sectors. The higher the budget and the bigger the site, this will naturally increase to include other positions like customer support staff and so on. For management, this means understanding the logistics behind these setups and successfully controlling operations. It could lead to a degree of delegation and should always focus on training for employees above all else. Each team needs to understand the assignment and perform accordingly. Your role will be to ensure it all comes together under the guidance of your expertise and input. 

Safety and Security

Safety and security measures should be in a constant state of reflection and review. Just like humans, animals need change on a regular basis. Management’s role is to ensure that all visitors are safe from harm, but that all the animal residents are also kept secure for their well-being. Considerations include ensuring sufficient hideaway spaces to preserve emotional factors, and extensive security to ensure there are no escapees throughout the seasons. 

Customer Experiences

A big part of ensuring a positive customer experience is thinking about how the whole picture fits together. From the second a visitor parks their vehicle to the moment they leave the zoo, every aspect must be well considered. Things like controlling grounds maintenance and smooth ticket purchases are non-negotiable. There must also be exceptional facilities like places to eat and clean toilet blocks etc. Customers need a point of contact if they have an issue throughout the day, and all of this information needs to be completely accessible. 

Zoo managers have a big task with varying responsibilities. There are three sides to the equation including customers, employees, and animals. These all make up the overall logistic considerations and require equal planning across the board.

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