Using Silicone Sponge Sheet for Your Project

November 23, 2019

There is an extensive use for sponge sheet due to its unique characteristics. It can withstand up to 300-degree temperatures in spite of being compressible and soft. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for sealing purposes, as it will get in contact with other compounds such as oil. Testing the silicone sponge sheet determines if it has reactive characteristics with a particular mixture you plan to use. A professional dealer will explain the features of the product and teach you how to perform a test.

Understanding the silicone sponge

Silicone sponge is also referred to as an expanded silicone or closed cell silicone sponge. It consists of a silicone gum of a thin uncured sheet. It extends to a certain thickness and simultaneously undergoes a curing process in a high-temperature rotocure or press operation. The expansion process forms the structure of the closed cell sponge. It is similar to the process of making the bread rise by adding yeast to it, creating compressible air pockets. The cells of the silicone sponge get closed as they are non-interconnecting and prevent water and moisture to wick through it. These superior mechanical properties offer excellent sealing in many applications.

Factors to consider when looking for silicone sheets

Quality. One of the vital concerns for buying a silicone sponge sheet is quality. For example, if you are using it for engineering purposes, you need to use the best materials for successful performance. Check the certification of the silicone sheet manufacturer and find out if they are offering the right quality materials.

Measurement. The thickness of the sheet comes in different sizes from 50 to 100 feet long, 36 to 72 inches wide, and 1/16 to 1/2 in range. When you do not know the exact size, get those that you can reduce to the desired extent.

Color. The silicone sponge is available in black, grey, red, orange, and many others. While the colors do not affect the quality and performance of the sheet, it is the prerogative of the buyer to get a specific color. For your project, opt for the color that will work best for you.

Cost. The price of the silicone sponge sheets should match the quality of the materials. Conduct your research about the updated rates before you go to a dealer. The total expenditure depends on the size of the sheet that you need for your project.

Useful in a variety of applications

Silicone sponge can maintain its beneficial properties in a range of temperatures; thus, it does not become brittle. The closed-cell silicone sponge is resistant to weathering, ozone risks, and UV damage. When conditions are volatile or unstable, it is the right sealing material to use. Potential applications for silicone sponge include sealing, vibration insulation, cushioning, and insulation. Likewise, projects like environmental shields, automotive and electrical gaskets, medical equipment, and access panels benefit from using silicone sponge. A different density gets utilized for various applications according to the compression requirements.

If you need to keep dust and water out of a specific application, the silicone sponge sheet is the best choice as it has a low absorption to water and ensures a long-term result. It makes the material effective for both exterior and interior applications, especially if they need to block dust and water ingress.

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