UTV Casuals Buying Guide

May 31, 2019

UTVs present a unique investment for anyone who has a lot of property to manage, but especially those who make their living from their land. They give you power like you might expect from a small tractor, but with the speed and maneuverability you expect from an ATV. Outfitting them with the right mods and accessories is the key to getting the most from your UTV and outfitting yourself with the right riding gear is the key to doing more comfortably when you are out working with your new machine.

What Gear Do You Need?

If you are mostly using your UTV for the utility part, you probably don’t need the intensive safety gear competitive riders need, but a helmet and basic protective clothing is a necessity for everybody. Consider how your casual riding gear fits the elements and which season you’ll be using your UTV in as well.

  • Gloves for cold weather and grip in wet conditions
  • Boots to help protect your ankles and keep feet warm
  • Shirts, jeans, and other clothing that protects and breathes
  • Knee and elbow pads for basic joint coverage

Mostly, casuals need the same gear as competitors, just maybe not at the same tier. As long as you’re getting something comfortable and accessible to you, it’s a lot easier to meet your needs at sales and by shopping closeouts, and many casual riders outfit themselves completely with these resources.

Finding Great Gear From Top Brands

Shopping to suit a casual rider’s budget doesn’t mean giving up on your favorite gear. When you look for the best motorcycle brand shirts at the biggest online retailers, you can find them at better prices than practically anywhere else. Combine that with the right coupon or discount program, and you can really get the most out of your gear purchase. It’s also worth considering what seasonal and product line closeout sales can get you for new UTV riding gear, so start keeping an eye out for sales on your favorites.

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