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Ways to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

July 19, 2018

There is nothing better than waking up to glorious sunshine, but there is also nothing than worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin when you just aren’t ready to bare in crop tops, sandals or skirts. We all have those problem areas that we aren’t a fan of and it’s sometimes hard to know how to tackle them. Make a Spring resolution to get your skin gleaming and glowing ready for the warmer weather so you can be brave and show off your beautiful skin in style this Summer by following these skin-saving tips. These tips can be a little time consuming, so it might be a good idea to visit so you have something to keep yourself entertained.

Eradicate cracked, dead skin

Eradicate cracked, dead skin
One of the best things about summer is strolling on the beach in bare feet or going out on an evening in a new of bright summer sandals, but unsightly cracked, dead skin on your heels can make bare feet an unappealing option. This is easily solved, as you can give yourself a foot mask which you apply to your feet and put a cotton sock over to soften the dry, thick skin while you sleep so that in the morning you can polish and exfoliate the dead skin away. Eurica! Beautiful, supple, soft feet are now yours. Don’t just stop at your feet, though. Exfoliating your whole body once a week with a body polish or salt scrub or using an exfoliating sea sponge will do your skin wonders, brushing away dead skin and paving the way for bright, new skin.

Hydrate your skin

Hydrate your skin
Hydration is key, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water, you could even download an app to keep track of your water in take to ensure you are getting enough every day. If you have particularly dry skin, it’s sometimes not enough to hydrate your skin with water and your skin may be crying out for moisture, especially if you are in an office all day with air conditioning which can really dry out your skin. To give you skin added hydration and help to keep it soft and supply, apply a light moisturiser all over the body after you shower or bathe. A light moisturiser instead of a heavy body butter will mean your pores aren’t clogged up and can still breathe.

Don’t forget to protect your skin

protect your skin
After a long, cold, wet winter a bit of sunshine is just what you’ve been waiting for. Every time you play Barbados Bingo here and you see the bright palm trees and crystal clear blue Caribbean Sea you’re reminded that your summer holiday is only a few months away. However, make sure you protect your skin from sun damage so that your skin stays hydrated and looks youthful and glowing. After all that exfoliating you’ve been doing, your skin is even more vulnerable to the suns damaging UV rays. Choose a sunscreen that is right for your skin and for the level of sun you will be exposed to. Team a good sunscreen with a glamorous oversized sun hat and some stylish sun glasses and you and your radiant skin are all kitted out for a day on the beach.

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