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What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Salt Crystal Lamps In House?

December 8, 2018

Most living spaces in modern houses are fitted with salt lamps. Salt lamps add an attractive feature among other accessories within a home. Individuals who wish to make their homes unique and spectacular invest in the salt crystal lamps that match their home themes. Interior designers may recommend the crystal salt lamps depending on the capability of the homeowners. Many benefits are associated with the use of a salt crystal lamp within the home setting.  However, some of the benefits remain to be assumptions as they are not scientifically proven. The crystals exist in different shapes and colors. The choice of the most appropriate crystal lamp is dependent on the themes of a  particular house of the décor needs of a  homeowner. When more complexity is required within the home interior, the homeowner would most likely order a custom designed salt crystal lamp.

What are salt crystal lamps?

Many people do not have an idea how the salt crystal lamps work or are made. The lack of exploration makes them not known to many people around the world. Ideally, the salt crystal lamp is a solid salt crystal that is manually chiseled. It is mostly designed such that when a lamp is placed within the hollowed part of the crystal, it produces attractive light and heat. Many colors may be produced by the salt crystal; lamps depending on eth mineral elements that are within the solid. The installation of the lamp is made carefully either depending on the common needs of the crystal lovers or interior designers. The popularity of the salt crystal lamps in homes today has made it necessary for their mass production they are now made in different colors, sizes and shapes to meet the needs of homeowners and interior designers. When selecting the most appropriate salt crystal lamps for one ’s home, it is essential to ensure that the themes within a home are considered. The salt crystal lamp should complement the existing theme instead of fighting against it. This is a primary factor that every interior designer d homeowner considered when purchasing or installing the salt crystal lamps.

Factors to consider when selecting the salt crystal lamps for living space.

Selecting the best salt crystal lamp may be a challenging ordeal. Many individuals would like to install the lamps within their living spaces but find it difficult due to their lack of skills and professional knowledge. When installing the salt crystal lamps, enough research should first be conducted to understand the colors, shapes, sizes and the costs. Also, the benefits associated with every type of salt crystal lamps should be considered before deciding on what one needs for their living space. The following are the basic considerations when selecting salt crystal lamps for one’s home.


In the creation and design of the salt crystal lamps, there are different color combinations that are used to bring out the best outcome for interior décor. The homeowner should have the final decision on the type of colors that they need so that they can be customized for them by the existing designers. However, the bright colors such as pink are considered to be an indication of love and affection. It is mostly used when the homeowner wants to maintain a friendly atmosphere within their living area. The darker colors such as orange and black may also be used as an indication of the quality of the salt crystal where it was originally mined. Having dark spots indicates that the quality is low. When selecting the color of the salt crystal lamp, however, it is recommended that homeowners should consider matching them with the immediate environment within a home. For instance, if the theme of the house is pink, a color that complements the theme is most preferable. Individuals that are not good in matching colors should seek the help of interior designers among other professionals.


The size of the salt crystal lamps is used as a measure of its capability to clean the air among other health benefits associated with it. When a largely sized crystal is used, the quality of air within the environment is likely to be better as compared to when it is smaller. However, the size of the crystal is directly proportional to the costs to be incurred during purchase. It does not necessarily mean that having a large salt lamp makes the home look better. Smaller crystal lamps may also be well blended with the home environment to create a positive ambiance. The costs should not limit the creativity and innovativeness of incorporating salt crystal lamps within the house space.


The shape of the salt crystal lamp is useful in creating decorative décor. When the shape is unique, it gives the house uniqueness and a subtle touch. Sometimes, having custom shapes for specific clients helps in ensuring that their houses maintain elegance and sleekness at all times. The clients could also purchase premade shapes that match the home decoration requirements. Without the incorporation of expert skills, it would be difficult to maintain a good outlook for a home’s interior. Deciding on the most appropriate shapes should also be dependent on the available budget and other accessories that are within the home.

Considering these factors when looking for the most appropriate salt crystal lamp for a home would be essential at all times. Most interior designers recommend these as the basic factors that should be considered. Overlooking them could result in poor choices gradually.

Why Should You Have The Salt Crystal Lamps Within Your Home?

Having salt crystal is not only meant for the creation of an elegant and attractive décor but also for purposes of purifying the air within the room. Other reasons have been proven to making the lamps popular in different parts of the world.

They are considered as great air purifiers.

Who wouldn’t want to be in an environment with fresh air always? Environments with fresh air that has been purified are comfortable to spend time in. Humidifiers among other technologies help in keeping the room comfortable, but nothing could do a better job than the salt crystal lamps. They keep the air cleat at all times by attracting particles of dust and pollen floating in the air. The cycle is repeated many times and the room within which the crystal lamp is places stays fresh always. The question about the working principle of the lamps always lingers in many people’s minds. When the lamp heats the salt crystal. Negative ions are formed, and they attract the water particles within the room. The water particles which have dust and pollen particles get trapped on the crystal. When the heat is produced by the bulb, the water evaporates back to the atmosphere with the solid particles remain stuck on eth surface of the crystal. This makes it easy to always keep the rooms clean. The larger the surface of the crystal, the better the ability to clean the air.

Reduces the effects of asthma

Asthma is a health complication that is caused by the constriction of the pulmonary system. The constriction causes difficulties in breathing. When there are pollen and dust particles within the environment, asthmatic people find it difficult to breathe, and they may need assistance to breathe normally. The salt crystal lamps absorb the dust and pollen particle from the atmosphere and create a conducive environment where asthmatic people can live comfortable. Ideally, in homes with such individuals, it is advisable to put the salt crystal lamps in different rooms that they constantly use. However, the decorative nature of the lamps should not be ignored.

Improved moods

The salt crystals of different types are known to improve the circulation of blood in the body and the brain. When constantly used, they are helpful in maintaining a good mood for individuals. Those who need relaxation may utilize the crystal lamps for their health benefits. They may light them up whenever they feel they want relaxation. For mood change, the lamps should be mostly placed within the bedrooms.

The most appropriate locations to place the salt crystal lamps

The salt crystal lamps are most effective in rooms that have most electrical devices. Electrical devices are known to produce a lot of electrical charges which may affect the health of the people using the rooms. Due to this, having more than one lamps are appropriate for such rooms. They help to reduce t electromagnetic radiations that are produced by the electronics. Therefore, having small or large lamps within these locations can help to improve one’s health.

There are smaller rooms that people spend much time in. For instance study rooms which may have a high concentration of dust and pollen particles. Having salt crystals within such a location can help to create a conducive environment. It is essential that homeowners should identify the locations that people frequent so that they can place the salt crystal lamps.

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