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What Is Best For Me: Invisalign or Braces?

May 19, 2021

If you have teeth that aren’t as straight as you would like them to be or if you have ever visited a dentist, they may have noticed something about your teeth that you have not. Perhaps, they might have suggested orthodontic care. Most people are probably put off by the thought. After all, seeing an orthodontist means extensive treatment and maybe even braces, doesn’t it?

It Doesn’t Have To Be All Doom And Gloom

For most people, the thought of having braces is not a good one. Although in some cases, it is an unwanted necessity. For others, they may be that unhappy with their current teeth line up that wearing braces is a means to an end of which they will painfully endure in the hope of getting that winning smile they have always wanted.

Fortunately, for all, there are options that mean you do not have to experience the same stigma that you once did if going for a set of braces. Enter Invisalign, a set of aligners that are 3D mapped using computer imaging. A 3D map can be created based upon your current alignment, your preferred alignment and positioning even taking into consideration your smile. 

If you’re interested in this option, you could find out more by looking into Invisalign treatment on the Gold Coast or in your city. Because they are not like ‘typical’ braces, you can pretty much forget about the downsides that might turn you away. Let’s have a look at the differences to help understand what they are all about.

Metal Braces And The Benefits

  • Likely the strongest and most durable
  • Shouldn’t be any changes in speech
  • Variety of styles and colours to suit the individual
  • Generally, the most affordable option
  • They can be easily taken off

Now For The ‘Put Offs’

  • They can be hard and make crunching sounds
  • Sticky food needs to be avoided
  • Can cause some discomfort at the start
  • Mouth guard is crucial if playing sports
  • Everyone can see them
  • Cleaning regimes must be carefully followed

Invisalign And The Benefits

  • They are nearly invisible
  • They can be removed if needed for eating or general oral hygiene 
  • You can eat whatever you like
  • Much less discomfort than standard ‘braces’
  • Overall, less time in the dental chair

Potential ‘Put Offs’

  • Speech may be affected a little at the beginning 
  • Perhaps not great for people who are forgetful
  • If not worn, they won’t have any effect
  • Could be a little expensive
  • In some cases, not the best solution for particular bite or tooth problems

What To Do?

After looking at the benefits and potential put offs, Invisalign looks to be the hands down winner and certainly the solution of choice for most people. Having said that, it really isn’t a choice that you should make yourself. As noted in the ‘potential put offs’ for Invisalign, there are some situations where they are not the right product for the job. If you have any concerns about your teeth, always speak with a dentist or orthodontist. They can advise you professionally based upon your individual needs and requirements which will differ from person to person. 

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