What Is The Fastest Way For You To Get Issued A New Social Security Card?

November 14, 2018
Social Security Card

In today’s world, many people are finding out that they can apply for a replacement social security card online. While that is a new card, it isn’t a newly issued card, and there is a difference. Do you need a newly issued card as a new citizen or for a child? If so, then there is no way to get around a visit to the SSA office. You would have to fill out an application in person, providing the proper documentation.

What are the documents that are required in order to get a new social security card? It is important to mention that what you’re proving is age, citizenship and identity. In total, you need to have two of the approved documents. For adults, this is typically a birth certificate and driver’s license. Yet a passport passes for either one, too.

You still need to show more than just your passport. Let’s break it down by section. In order to prove your identity, you can show your driver’s license, passport or state ID. Let’s say that you don’t have one of these three documents. The SSA office might accept a US military ID, school ID, health insurance card or employee ID card.

For showing proof of age, the most ideal documentation is your birth certificate. Yet there are other documents that you might be able to show instead, like a US hospital record, records outside the US, (for people who are just now becoming citizens) and certain religious records. Any religious record accepted must have been made before you were age 5. Also, to prove age, a passport can be shown.
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This next section is really important because there have been law changes in recent years. It was mentioned that you have to prove your citizenship. In order to do that, only two possible documents are accepted, a US passport or a US birth certificate. Yet there are people that fall into the category of those needing to prove immigration status. What documents would be accepted in those instances?

An I-94 arrival record, I-766 employment document or a form I-551 card are documents that can be shown to prove immigration status. What if you have had a social security card, but you need to change your name? That would be a newly issued card, too, and you would need to follow the above guidelines. Additionally, you need to fill out the SS-5 form, at the SSA office.

If you have landed on this page and need a replacement card, then you’re about to hear some great news. As long as you don’t need to change your name, you’re going to just be simply replacing your card. There are a total of 20 states whose citizens can apply online for a replacement SS card.

You’re still getting a new card, but you’ve already been issued one previously. That falls into the category of a replacement card, and you just have to follow the process online. However, if your state isn’t on the list, you need to apply for your replacement card according to the guidelines mentioned above.
 social security card.
At this point, it should be said as well that there is a way to send off for your replacement card by mail, too. If you need a newly issued card or are requesting a name change, however, you have to do so at the SSA office in person. Knowing what you know now, are you going to be able to take care of your application online?

If so, congratulations. Maybe you’re not sure yet because you haven’t seen the list of states. The list of states is on the SSA website. The replacement card application is easy to find, too. Yet you are going to have to first register for an account. In order to register for an account, you simply verify your identity online. It’s easy, but you’re going to need your driver’s license or state ID.

For two states on the list, citizens are required to use only their driver’s license, meaning the state ID would not be accepted. You’re only entering information from the documents, not making copies and faxing or emailing them online. The registration process is only going to take you a few minutes.

After you are done registering for your My Social Security account, you are halfway home. The only other step in the process is filling out the online replacement SS card application. Do be sure that you get your confirmation email for registration before you proceed with the replacement SS card application. You should get your confirmation email for registration right after you sign up and hit submit.
Do keep in mind that you still have to verify your identity and your citizenship when applying online for a replacement social security card. The process is just handled differently, and that means that you have to be prepared. You’re going to be answering questions online to handle verifying your identity and citizenship, and the entire online application will be over in a matter of minutes.

It’s a much easier and simpler process than having to show up in person at the SSA office and show documentation. You’re going to be able to take care of getting your online replacement card online, and that should make you smile. Granted, you’re still going to be waiting for the replacement card to show up in the mail. If only you could simply print it out, right?

Naturally, the SSA can’t make it to where you can print out your SS card. That would cause all kinds of problems. It’s good that they make it to where you can apply for a replacement card online though. Now you just need to take care of the two step process.

You’re signing up for a My Social Security account first. Then you’re filling out the replacement card application. After that, you get a second confirmation email, your application is processed and your card arrives in the mail in a matter of a couple of weeks or so.

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