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What to Expect from Luxury Homes in Los Angeles for Sale?

September 3, 2019

Luxury has different meanings for different people. A million-dollar house in a remote area with an average view might not be luxurious, but a similarly priced home on a hill-top or sea-shore might attract a lot of high-end buyers.

Though, luxury indeed lies in the eyes of the resident, just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, there has got to be some benchmarks for the realtors to qualify homes as “luxury homes.”

Prime Location – To attract a buyer, these Los Angeles luxury homes for sale need to catch the eyes of the buyers due to its location. Affluent buyers look for such luxury homes in locations on a hill or a sea-shore in a country or on top of a building to enjoy the city view.

If the home for sale is located amidst other houses packed in a concrete jungle with no views to enjoy, do not mistake by calling it a luxury home.

Unique Finishes – A luxury home has high-end finishes. High-end hardware for the kitchen and the bathroom is a necessity. Granite or marble for counters in the kitchen and bathrooms add to the beauty of the house.
Some other materials to make a home luxurious are Venetian plaster, hardwood, and good quality construction tools and appliances. These are a few things that cut through a home above all that are considered standard.

Lavish Amenities – A buyer is probably looking out for a luxury home in Los Angeles for sale with some generous and stylish amenities. Many luxury residents prefer some beautiful spaces like a movie theatre, a spa, a Jacuzzi, or outdoor showers.
A big garden with a convertible indoor/outdoor pool is something that almost all buyers want in their luxury homes. If the luxury home for sale is a waterfront property, docks and boat-lifts only add to its luxury.

High-price – Of course, everything comes at a cost. And if a buyer is expecting everything said above, and much more, he should expect a very high price. A property with such luxurious amenities is at least half a million dollars or much more than that.
However, its location and magnitude decide the final price of the property, and you can expect it to rise even up to tens of millions of dollars.

Distinct Provenance – This means that luxury homes for sale attract buyers if there is some distinct story or history associated with the home. Whether the house is designed by an eminent architect as one of his early designs or some celebrity had dwelled in the house for some days; if any such story is attached to the property, it catches buyers’ attention quite easily.
This is one thing that you cannot add to your property to mark it as a “luxury home.” However, if you have one, your property deserves a higher price than other similar homes.

PrivacyAffluent buyers expect privacy from their luxury homes. It is either the location of the house that gives it privacy (like those atop hills) or a setting with large yards, high walls, and large gated entrances with security guards.

In any case, most buyers, especially celebrities, looking out for luxury homes, need privacy from the hustle and bustle of people and paparazzi. Hence, this premium is an essential component of luxury homes.

If you are planning to sell your property as a luxury home in Los Angeles, check again for the points above. Consider adding some of these to your property before marking your house as a luxury home for sale and see the results thereafter.

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