What You Need To Know Before Going On A Helicopter Tour

February 14, 2020

When you are visiting Sydney, one of the best ways to get an epic view of the city in all its splendour is from the air, and a helicopter rides is the best way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful cityscape. There are many companies offering this service but before you go, there are a few things to remember before you book and enjoy your once in a lifetime experience.

Ensure You Book With A Reputable Company

The first thing that you will need to do is book your helicopter ride with a reputable and trusted company, and it is always good to ensure that they are on the register of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

What To Wear When You Fly

When you check out the helicopter hire and rental Sydney prices, you will notice that it will depend on the time of the year due to the weather. The weather is something that you will need to consider when you fly, as if it is a hot day, you do not want light coloured clothes as these will absorb the heat quickly. You will want to wear something comfortable and if it is an overcast or colder day, take along a sweater. You will also want to ensure that you take with you a pair of polarised sunglasses for when you are flying, which will make a massive difference to your visibility, especially on a sunny day. Most modern helicopters will have heating and air conditioning but ensuring that you dress appropriately will help to maximise your enjoying of your flight.

What If You Get Sick?

If you suffer from motion sickness, you can still enjoy the trip of a lifetime over the city of Sydney. First, you should speak to your doctor and ask them to prescribe medication that you can take before you go on the flight to help with the nausea. Your pilot will ensure that your flight is smooth, and you should concentrate on the horizon when flying, and in case of emergency, take along a few sick bags.

What Else To Bring

You will also want to be able to capture your memories from this special occasion, so you will want to bring along a camera or your Smartphone, or both so that you can take a lot of amazing pictures of Sydney. If you have any landmarks that you wish to capture, speak to your pilot in advance, and they can list all the sights that offer excellent photographs along your route, so you know what is coming. Usually, a trip will not last over 30 minutes or an hour, so there is no need to bring food, although light snacks and a bottle of water are a good idea.

Now you have everything in place, you can go and enjoy the spectacular sight of Sydney from the air and create memories and photos that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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