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What You Should Know About Your Teeth Impression Kit

November 22, 2021

Have you ever considered that one of the first things you notice in others is their teeth? If your teeth are crooked, crowded or spread out, you are probably a little self-conscious about your smile. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a great smile? You may have also investigated all the orthodontic options available to you. One such option, if you’re facing serious dental issues, is to consider teeth extraction, since that is often the root of many orthodontic problems. You can extract your teeth at a dentist In ballwin for a good service and affordable rate! If you have decided to straighten your teeth through invisible aligners, you can choose a company that offers in-office or at-home services. At-home services typically require that you complete a bite kit. These are some things you should know about these kits.

What Is an Impression Kit

A bite kit is a teeth impression kit that you complete at home. After you research the different invisible aligner companies and choose a reputable service provider, you will be sent an impression kit that includes two types of putty and trays. You may receive one or two for each of your lower and upper teeth, depending on the company. You should also receive return packaging that will get your kit back to the company quickly. Often, the company pays for return shipping.

This Step Is Vital

Your dental impressions are the foundation for your entire treatment. Therefore, this could be considered the most important step in your treatment programme. Your goal should be to create accurate impressions that exactly replicate your teeth, gums and other tissues. Therefore, it is vital that you follow the instructions that come with your kit to the letter. Get help if you are unsure of what to do, and don’t hesitate to contact the company for additional instructions.

Start With Clean Teeth

To get a proper impression, you must start with clean teeth. Therefore, brush your teeth thoroughly. Then, floss your teeth. Finally, use mouthwash to remove any latent debris or other deposits. You may also swish with water to remove any remaining mo

The Putty Requires Proper Preparation

Your kit will have two kinds of putty. They are typically two different colours so they are easy to identify. Each time you take an impression, these putties have to be kneaded together until they are a solid, uniform colour. Do not overwork your putties because they dry quickly. However, knead them for long enough to fully mix them, which often takes about one minute.

After the putty is properly mixed, you roll it into a snake-like shape until it is long enough to fit properly in the aligners. Then, spread it gently into the impression tray. Avoid pushing it down hard because this will affect the accuracy of your impressions.

The Impressions Take Time

Each try needs to sit in your mouth for up to four minutes. In addition, your teeth should be pressed into the putty slowly and removed slowly so that the impression is accurate. You also need to ensure that all of your teeth, including your back molars, are completely covered by the putty in the tray.

In addition, you should complete impressions of both your top and bottom teeth. Do all the impressions you were sent in the box. Most of the time, you will do two impressions for each of your upper and lower jaws in case something happens to damage the impression or in case the impression is not right.

When you finish, look at your impressions and compare them to your examples and your teeth to ensure they are done correctly. However, don’t remove the putty from the tray after the impressions have been completed. Just mail them back in their trays.

Be Aware of Dental Work

Your impression kit can damage existing dental work, such as crowns or bridges. Therefore, your aligner company should ask about your existing work before approving you for an impression kit.

After you complete your impression kit, your treatment plan can be prepared. Then, your straight smile is just a few months away.

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