What’s Considered a Super Ideal Cut Diamond?

April 8, 2019

The beauty of diamond largely depends on the ‘cut’ which is perhaps the most important parameter of diamond quality besides carat, color, and clarity that constitute the 4Cs. Among the different cuts available in the market only a small fraction has exceptional cut and considered ideal. It is therefore not at all surprising that super ideal cut diamonds are quite rare. Naturally, the price of these diamonds is also very high, and if you are planning to buy one, you must take a well-informed decision of putting your money in the right place. You need to know the superlatives of super ideal as compared with an ideal diamond that could justify shelling out extra money.

Setting the standards

The best diamonds in the market are known for the cut that influences the sparkling looks and impacts the price too. Although the cut gives shape to the stone, the sparkle builds the true appeal of diamonds which underlines the importance of ‘cut.’

Two leading gemological laboratories of the world, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) Laboratory create the standard for cut grading by taking completely different approaches. However, the cut quality analysis done by the AGS system is more critical and in high demand. The AGS Ideal grade has a close resemblance to the Excellent grade of GIA and considered a subset of the latter. Super ideal diamonds belong to the apex quality and rightly named as ‘A cut above’ as it is a few notches above all other cut.

A cut above

The range of specifications created by AGS for its light performance cut grading system revolves around the light performance of diamonds. It is one of its kinds of system in the world that is scientifically vetted. The system uses a 3D scan of diamonds to analyze the behavior of light that falls on the facets and passes through it by factoring the angles and dimensions of each facet of the diamond. ‘A cut above’ is the grade of diamond assigned with the AGS Triple Ideal designation and must pass several critical tests including the patterning of hearts and arrows. The proper amount of light and its distribution creates a positive contrast that imparts the special characteristic to the diamond sparkle and makes it look extraordinarily beautiful.

Extreme precision in cut creates an ideal diamond that has the maximum brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Hitting the bullseye

The cutting grade designated by the GIA system is not as stringent as the AGS system and accepts some light deficits that happen from light leakage but still award Excellent grade to diamonds. On the other hand, the AGS system aims at achieving the ideal light performance by meeting the strictest standard. The task of attaining perfection is quite tricky because it requires more skills, more time and more loss of rough diamond to generate the highest grade of lighting performance that makes the diamond genuinely priceless.

The cut quality of super ideal diamonds is simply outstanding, to say the least, that leaves no room for any compromise and provides superior satisfaction that justifies the price.

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