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When You Hear Natural Betaine, Think Clearer, Healthier Skin

January 21, 2022

If you like to take care of your skin, then, you may already use a skin care product, or two that contain natural betaine, if you don’t and, you have skin that, can become dry, you could find that natural betaine is exactly what you need to help ease the impact throughout the year. Even if you do already, knowingly use Natural Betaine products, do you know anything about it? You should do really;

What is Natural Betaine?

Betaine, also known as Glycine Betaine is a very effective, natural element, which provides some very unique, skin moisturizing properties. The reason it is so unique is that it is suitable for all skin types, and extremely effective, at that. Natura Betaine can usually be found in sugar beets, the plants use it as an oxidising agent, protecting themselves against the harsh elements of everyday life. One of the biggest elements that it can help to protect them against, is the sun so, if you live in a hot or humid climate, it could, at times, be a lifesaver.

And, as everybody knows, sometimes the sun can be unbearable, especially if you already have an underlying skin condition. The worst times will be throughout the summer months where, for some people, it prevents them from venturing outside, limiting their freedom. One of the most crucial things to maintain in the heat is, our bodily moisture content, staying hydrated is really important, natural Betaine actually helps to prevent dehydration which can be the direct cause of some skin conditions.

As far as skin care and ingredients go, natural, highly purified Betaine is actually really easy to use, you could, if you wanted to, apply it from head to toe. Once processed, it can be found in numerous forms ranging all the way from skin creams, lotions, shampoo and a wide variety of coloured cosmetics, so long as they are water based and a water-based product then Betaine can be used.

Betaine characteristics

In summary, Betaine is classed as an additive, and in that respect, it is an active substance used with a combination of other ingredients to make up a total product. On its own, visually, it is in the form of a powder, a white, crystalline and is free of palm oil, and it’s suitable for vegans to use too! Betaine needs to be extracted from the body of the animal or plant through a carefully coordinated routine. That is done, there are further purification processes that take place until it can finally be used to go into products to help protect your skin.

Will it work for you?

Who knows is the honest answer, the statistics suggest that you’d have to be very unlucky not to benefit from using Betaine containing products but, you never know? And, even though it’s suitable for all skin types, it’s always best to have a quick chat with your pharmacy or doctor as they might be able to confirm for you there and then whether or not it’s suitable for your skin. Generally speaking, though, if you have a known condition that isn’t super rare then you should, according to existing users, be relieved with the results.

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