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15+ Ideas About Wolf Halloween Makeup & Tutorial

August 30, 2016

Go wild on this Halloween by creating this amazing Wolf Halloween makeup look. You can get this look with the products already in your makeup bag. You do not need to buy anything from the store. And if unfortunately if you do not have a certain thing then you can buy it from the nearest shop easily. These products are easily found in every store. Here is the list of products which you will need to create Halloween Makeup look.

  • Foundation than your natural color
  • Eye shade palette
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Blush palette
  • False teeth
  • Fake blood
  • Fake nails
  • Fur (fake of course)
  • Contact lenses
  • Gum paste
  • Fake hair

Steps you need to follow :

  1. Start applying foundation which is darker than your natural skin tone. Apply it with a sponge or damp beauty blender. Push the product into the skin giving the maximum coverage. Do not sweep it. Cover your face, neck and other exposed areas. You want to have an equal skin tone.
  2. Then add some dark brown shade to make your skin color dark. Add some on the tip of your nose too. Set it with the makeup setting spray.
  3. Now you need to concentrate on your brows. We have seen in movies that wolves have uneven and overly grown hair. To fake that look you need black pencil or black eye liner.
  4. To create fake whiskers and facial hair use your eyeliner. First work on your brows. Extend your brows than normal. Use you pencil or brush for it. With the help of an angled brush, apply some product on it and fake your eye brows by making them bigger than usual.
  5. For the face again use your eyeliner to make whiskers around mouth and on the sides of your face. Draw some lines under your nose and cheeks too to make them look more real. You can add fake beard as well. If you can buy a wolf wig then it would be perfect. Apply it with the gum paste and the hair part is done.
  6. Now for the makeup. You just need to work on your eyes. This is very simple. Take your eye liner and line your upper water line. You need a very dark black eye liner for this. Apply a lot of it.
  7. To complete the eyes apply heavy coats of mascara on your lashes. If you want to have a much intensified look then you can also add false eyelashes on top of your lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara on top of it to give it a very dramatic look.
  8. Use red lipstick and a thin liner brush. Draw some lines to fake blood around the mouth area.
  9. Add some false teeth to this look.
  10. Remember that if your hands are exposed then draw some lines on it to. This will give the effect of fake hair.
  11. For the nails , paint them black.

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