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6 Things To Know About Women Fashion at Office

Women Fashion at office calls for formal attire in which your outfit should reflect professionalism and accomplishments rather than being overly trendy. It may seem simple indeed, but there are some basic rules to make you look properly appropriate but not outdated. Here are…

April 12, 2016

25 Beautiful Medium Length Haircuts For Round Faces

Let’s face it – not every haircut suits not every face type. And when speaking about face types for men and women, the most oddly shaped is usually the round face – but also the one that allows the creativity to take over and…

December 7, 2015

100 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas & Inspiration

Nowadays, we are living in a modern and advanced world where everybody wants to make a statement. Having a stylish tattoo design on your body definitely helps that manner. Although tattoos date back to ancient times and did not signify an urban trend as…

October 15, 2015