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10 Things You Need While Living in a Single Bedroom Apartment

January 28, 2022

Hostel life can be a bit frustrating and this is a reason students prefer to live in single bedroom apartments for rent in Miami. Living away from home is usually challenging for teenagers; however, daily routines can be easily managed if they have basic essentials. 

You should make a list of all things that you would want and need in your apartment. Avoid unnecessary stuff in the apartment and be sure to choose things that are actually needed. This article will tell you about basic essentials you shouldn’t forget . Let’s explore:

Classy yet Comfortable Bed

The first important thing is to bring a comfy bed because the bedroom is the center of attraction of all suites and apartments. Check it here for stylish yet top-quality beds and try to decorate the bedroom uniquely. Get a bed that matches your taste and size of the room. It shouldn’t be too big nor too small for your space. 

Making a cozy corner in the room with coffee chairs and quality lighting is important. A floor lamp is mandatory for giving a lavish touch to the room. It is up to you whether you like floor side tables or wall-hung. Try not to spend a lot on décor while living in a rental place.  

Study Table 

Students obviously require a calm place to study and if you keep a study table in the room with a comfortable chair. File organizers, stationery boxes, bookshelves, sockets for laptop chargers, and table lamps are mandatory things. You should not compromise on the study because this is the reason you are staying away from home. A revolving chair can prove great for a study corner. You can buy a used or second-hand study table too because it will prove less costly.  

Cozy Sofas 

A small sitting area adjacent to the kitchen can be designed creatively especially if your friends often visit you for group study. You will need to choose some cozy sofas that do not occupy unnecessary space and yet serve the purpose. A center table is also vital but you can skip it by keeping some floor cushions depending on your choice and budget. Make sure to buy sofas from a well-reputed brand only because quality is also crucial along with the overall design of a sofa. 

Kitchen Utensils 

Once you are done with mandatory décor chores, you will need to ponder other things that are required in your daily routine. A kitchen becomes functional when it has everything to cook like pans, dishes, spatulas, spoons, and other utensils. So, make sure to buy these things. If you are living alone, a few plates, a single saucepan, a frying pan, and other essentials will be enough for you. Try to avoid spending money on expensive dinner sets. Make a list of all crockery items that can be required for a daily routine and then shop accordingly. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Apart from utensils, you will need to bring some appliances too. Microwave is mandatory because, without it, you will have to heat up food on a stove. Coffee machines, mixers, and boilers are compulsory. You should ensure the flawless installation of all appliances as otherwise, you won’t be able to get accurate use. It can prove better if you choose appliances that come with a warranty so you will not have to pay for maintenance or damage. 

Laundry Baskets

Another important thing is to bring laundry baskets in an apartment because you must keep dirty clothes in them. Rooms look clingy and cluttered when people do not keep their stuff organized. So, it would be better to keep washed and dirty clothes separate. Apart from it, when you do groceries for your house, make sure to buy detergents and cleaners too. Keep separate boxes for laundry accessories. This will help keep things in a perfectly organized way. 

Washing Machine 

Another important thing to keep in an apartment is the washing machine because without it, washing clothes will be a real problem for you. Most of the automatic machines are usually available with a warranty of at least 10 years. You can choose a machine of small size because it proves good for washing clothes for a single person. 


Would you like to wash dishes in the kitchen? The majority of the people do not like dishwashing and if you want to save time, a quality dishwasher is mandatory in the kitchen. It is up to you what type of dishwasher you like the most as several types are available in the market. A built-in dishwasher proves expensive and requires installation cost too. However, countertops and portable dishwashers are comparatively cheap. You should analyze the need first and then choose the washer accordingly. 

Portable Heater

Another important thing to keep in an apartment is a portable heater especially if you want to save money on energy bills. Integrated heating systems prove costly in terms of energy bills but the portable heater is somehow affordable. You can enjoy a cozy routine by simply turning on the portable heater. However, careful use of such heaters is mandatory so make sure you turn off the heater before leaving the place. 


When you shift to a new apartment, try to mark all things that can be needed there. You will obviously need to hang clothes and for this purpose, a wardrobe is mandatory in the apartment. You can avoid an inbuilt wardrobe and the better option is to rely on a portable one. Try to keep items locked inside before leaving the place and make sure that lockers of such wardrobes are not easily breakable. 

Smoke Detector 

Are you aware of the need for a smoke detector? It can protect you from unfavorable circumstances like fire. It is not expensive to buy and the installation is also easy. Regulatory authorities also suggest people not compromise on safety measures. It will produce an alarming sound in case of smoke or fire in the apartment and you would be able to take immediate action. However, quality is important to consider so you must buy it from a well-reputed company only. 

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