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10 Ways to Look Younger

June 20, 2018
Ways to Look Younger

We’re not saying you should want to look younger, age is a number and experience is invaluable. You should want to enjoy every step and embrace your journey but ultimately we all want to look the best we can look and through a few simple, hair, skin, fashion and make up choices you can be the very best you.

Read below to see some tips for defying your date of birth:

Concealer is your friend

We all know the joy of concealer as a way to cover up dark circles around the eyes but you can use it to add a youthful glow in many different places! Dot it on the corners (inner and outer) of your eyes the outer edge of your nostrils plus at both ends of your lips and you’ll get yourself a cheap and natural face lift.

Choose your hair colour wisely

Even if you like the look of extreme hair colour trends consider them carefully. If you go too blond and crazy with the highlights you’ll lose all the pretty golden tones in your hair and these can keep you looking youthful. Similarly, when the greys start appearing it can be tempting to go dark, but don’t go to dark as this is very ageing as well.

Look after wet hair

If your hair is dull and thin it could be your post shower habits that are causing it. It’s tempting when you’re in a rush to get straight to your wet hair with a brush but when your hair is wet it is weak, the weakest it ever gets, and if you hack at them with a brush you can get flyaways and breakage. It’s much better to use a wide-toothed comb to tame your wet hair when you first get out of the shower or the bath.

Limit your smartphone use

When you’re constantly holding your head down and scrolling or texting on your phone you’re actually encouraging wrinkles on your neck and if you do it consistently you risk them being a permanent fixture! It’s best to limit the use of your phone to short bursts, answer a few emails at a time, spend ten minutes on Facebook, five minutes on

Give your butt a lift

Your bum is one of the first things to succumb to gravity when you age but the clothes you wear can help you defy this natural loss of perkiness. You need to check the label of every pair of jeans and every pair of trousers you buy. The key is to ensure they have at least 2 percent stretch in them as if the cotton count is too high they will stretch straight away and won’t give your butt that all important support.

Eat greens

There are plenty of reasons when as a kid you were told to eat your greens. Maybe one of the least recognised is that greens are great for your teeth as fiber-rich specimens like spinach, broccoli and lettuce can keep your teeth clean as the fiber stops plaque sticking to enamel. Such greens also help keep your complexion fresh as they are packed With carotenoids which have been proven to give those who eat it a more attractive skin tone.

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