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10 Ways to Prep for a Major Home Renovation

September 7, 2022

Have you been planning to renovate your house but cannot decide where to begin? Do you worry about it not ending up the way you want? If the answer is yes, then we are here to save the day. 

Redoing a house can be long and tiring. It can be difficult to uproot yourself and challenging when things do not go as planned. You may feel you are on the verge of giving up. However, strategic planning ahead of time and savvy organization will help you navigate the process of renovating your home smoothly and efficiently. 

Here are a few ways to minimize the strain and help organize your home renovation. 

Prepare Before Renovation

Preparation before renovating your home is essential. It means you develop time schedules and plan out the stages of the renovation. Talk to designers or craftsmen who will be helping you refresh the look of your home. 

Based on the timelines and the scale of the renovation, you will need to decide whether you should live at home or move out temporarily. In either case, you need to sort through your things and move them out of spaces where craftsmen need to work.  

Get Yourself A Storage Unit

It is important to get your belongings stored in a safe place before you start the renovations. You do not want your valuables to be damaged, lost, stolen, or misplaced. For instance, you can protect furniture from paint splatters and dust by moving it to the center and covering it with plastic. However, the most efficient way to store your belongings is to hire a storage unit. 

You can move the furniture to a nearby self-storage unit. For instance, if you are in Kelowna, Canada, you can check out the price and size options for Kelowna self storage units. You can opt for small, medium, large or extra-large units based on your needs and requirements. These storage units will assist you in decluttering your house and accommodating all your valuables effortlessly and securely. These storage units are a great resource for moving and storing your possessions.

Begin The Clearance Drive

Let us be honest here; most of us tend to hold onto things we do not even need. About fifty percent of our houses are cluttered with unnecessary items we buy and forget. Thus, renovating your house is an opportunity to clean up the extra mess.

Before starting any major renovation work on your house, it is best to get rid of the things you will not need post renovation. List down everything and sort it into three categories: the ones you will keep, the ones you intend to donate, and the ones you plan to sell.

You can organize a garage sale to find local buyers for your stuff. Additionally, you can create an online page to sell your items.   

Choose a Minimalist Lifestyle

It is better to adopt a minimal lifestyle during the renovations. If your kitchen is going to be redone, for instance, you can pack food appliances that you rarely use. Keep only a few essential electronics you use daily, like the coffee maker. You can either set aside a small space in your home for your fridge and an electric stove and microwave or opt for outdoor cooking. Alternatively, you can order or go for ready-to-make microwave meals while your kitchen is out of bounds.

Use Up Items In Your Pantry And Fridge

Nothing pains the heart more than wasting food. Instead of disposing of food items in your fridge and pantry, using them in the time leading up to the renovation would be better. For instance, fresh tomatoes can be turned into a sauce to accompany pasta, and carrots can be steamed, diced, and frozen to add to any microwave recipe. 

Secure Your House

During the renovation, expect many people to go in and out of your house without prior notice. Your contractor, plumbers, carpenters, or painters will need free access to areas where they need to work. Therefore, you must secure parts of your home where you have put your things. So, you can exercise some control over who has access to these areas when you are not there.

Hence, installing surveillance cameras is a good idea to keep a check on the activities going on in your house. Also, avoid keeping your valuable belongings like money and jewelry in the place while people are working in it in your absence. You might also consider locking and sealing the areas you do not want people to enter.

Keep All Your Essentials In One Place

The renovation processes are usually chaotic and disruptive. You may lose access to the day-to-day essentials because you have misplaced them or don’t know where you packed them. 

Therefore, it is best to keep all the necessities like keys, wallet, charger, phone, and essential documents in one place. You can allocate a specific spot or place for such items so you will not lose access to them.

Let Your Neighbors Know

You may find yourself guilty of disturbing your neighbors while renovating your house. For example, the continuous sound of the loud drilling machines can make them uneasy. 

It is better to inform your neighbors before starting renovations. To avoid such a situation, let them know the project’s basic details. You can share timelines, the time it will take, the work hours, and the possible difficulties they may face. It will give your neighbors time to make and change their plans accordingly.

Ask A Friend For Help With Your Pets 

Pets are most likely to be affected by the change in the routine. You can ask a friend to help you out with your furry friends, or you can search for some trustworthy pet sitters in your area.

Talk To Your Contractor

Before the renovation, make sure you have a detailed meeting with your contractor. Your contractor should understand your vision and have the resources to make the necessary changes. Any craftsman they bring in to complete your project should have the required skills. It includes the ability and a track record of delivering desired results consistently. 


While the renovation process is quite exciting, it can also become overwhelming. However, sufficient planning, organizing details, and negotiating effective timelines and costs can help save a deal of trouble. The key is to prepare ahead of time to get satisfactory outcomes.

A carefully laid-out plan for following through on a home renovation project goes a long way in easing the stress and making the entire process smooth. 

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