100 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas & Inspiration

October 15, 2015

Nowadays, we are living in a modern and advanced world where everybody wants to make a statement. Having a stylish tattoo design on your body definitely helps that manner.

Although tattoos date back to ancient times and did not signify an urban trend as they do nowadays, the main idea behind a creative tattoo has always been linked to ‘a mark of protection’. Tattoos nowadays symbolize personal stories, experiences and traits of a character. Whether the main idea behind a tattoo is sentimental or an artistic, we can surely agree that everybody looks better with a tattoo, right?

If you want to ink yourself for the first time but don’t know what to go for, or you already have a dozen tattoos on your body and you want another one in the line, today we are sharing some of the best tattoo ideas to help you express your thoughts.


Bows have always symbolized an introduction to a gift, and if you consider yourself as a ‘true gift to the world’, or you want to express your feminine side, choosing bows is the right way. Bows as tattoos have been very popular for teenagers and usually placed on the hands, necks but also upper leg side.

Bow Finger TattooVia

bow tattoo on thighVia

bows tattoos for girlsVia

Tattoo Designs For Girls On Hand With bowsVia

tattoos for girls bows

Nature Inspired Tattoos

What’s better than having a tattoo inspired by the nature? We are all made by nature and that is the most exact reason nature-inspired tattoos can look good on anyone. Whether it’s the arm, shoulder, leg or back, having a rose tattoo like Amber Rose or a flower tattoo on your skin will always be one of the best tattoo ideas.

Floral half sleeve tatto designVia

cool tatoo ideas for women full bodyVia

girl tattoos on front shoulderVia

mens hand tattoo designsVia

most beautiful woman tattooVia

hand tattoos for womenVia

girls tattoosVia

black and white phoenix tattoo designsVia

cool tatoo ideas for men sleeveVia

mens colorful tattoosVia

word tattoo for menVia

flower tattoo designs imagesVia

girl flower tattoos on sideVia

Sleeve Tattoos for WomenVia

womens tattoo designs on legVia

womens tattoo designs on handVia

Text & Symbols Inspired Tattoos

Text and symbols as tattoos will make sure to catch everyone’s attention and create a personal statement to your character. Rihanna, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus – they all share short text symbols making their tattoos more real and definitely speaking about their characters. From Chinese tattoo symbols to minimalist texts and symbols and even catchy fonts, you can acquire a personal style in the best way with a text or symbol tattoo anywhere on your body.

womens tattoos on shoulderVia

girls tattoo designs for neck backVia

floral color tattoo ideasVia

cool tatoo ideas for women sleeveVia

tattoo designs on side of bodyVia

tattoo designs in hindi languageVia

black cross tattoo on back of neck

small tattoo designs hand

small tattoo designs on back

Lines Inspired Tattoos

The minimalist frenzy for lines and shapes as tattoos has taken over the world. Lines always make sure to balance things off and take abstract to another level – featuring a creative and beautiful line tattoo looking good on every part of the body.

lines inspired tattoosVia

Innovative Geometric Tattoo Inspiration and IllustrationsVia

small tattoo designs on side neckVia

cool tatoo ideas for women sleeve (1)

tattoo girl image

Sexy Tattoos Photos

Tattoo ideas for Men

Example for Good Tattoo Ideas for Men Forearm Cool TattoosVia

Constellations and Planets Inspired Tattoos

Planetary alignments are yet another one of the biggest trends for 2016 tattoo designs. Rihanna has led this trend with her back shining star tattoo – so if you are up for a cute and simple tattoo that looks good on everyone, try out the famous planetary constellations and designs in any part of your body – whether it’s the shoulders, arms or the abdomen.

constellation tattoo design idea

constellations tattoos designs for girls

constellations tattoos designs

Elegant Science Tattoos

Planets small tattoo ideas

Solar System Tattoo

Music Inspired Tattoos

Being a musician or not is definitely not the main aspect when going for a music inspired tattoo. The use of musical notes and even instruments as tattoos is popular for every music lover or artist.

amazing music tattoo inspired ideas

Band Inspired Tattoos

Beauty with tattoo

Celebrities with music inspired tattoo

Music Inspired Tattoos

music shoulder tattoos

Musical Note Ear Tattoo

Tattoos Music Style

Treble heart tattoo

Shapes Inspired Tattoos

If you miss out the perfect words to express your thoughts, shapes can be the perfect tattoo designs to go for. Hearts, geometrics, minimalist or star shapes – the elegance and simplicity behind these appealing designs is the dominant side of their creative spirit.

red heart tattoo designs on hand

heart tattoo designs on hand

Best Star Tattoo Designs

Heart Name Tattoos for Women

heart tattoo with kids names

heart tattoos on finger

heart tattoos on wrist

Innovative Geometric Tattoo Inspiration

tattoo designs on neck

Animals & Birds Inspired Tattoos

There are many tattoo lovers who have found animals and birds as the best motives for their creative tattoo designs. Driven by the life we share with these creatures as well as their playful spirit, dog tattoos, sexy snake tattoos or cats and tigers are the best designs you can go for.

Cute Bat Tattoos for Women

Elephant Animal Tattoo Design for Women

small Animal tattoo

Animal Tattoo

tiger animal tattoo idea

girl butterfly tattoos on back shoulderVia

andre hamann tattooVia

mens tattoo designs

small tattoo designs on back neck

small tattoo designs on neckVia

Best Swallow Tattoo Design and Idea for WomenVia

Elephant Tattoo design backVia

most beautiful woman tattoo designVia

beautiful women tattoos designVia

womens breast tattoo designsVia

girl tattoo leg designsVia

Shirtless with muscles tattoosVia

Tattooed guyVia

dragon tattoo designs for mens backs

colorful tattoos ideas

awesome tatoo woman fashion inspiration

david beckham hand tattoo 2013

tattoos photography models

tattoos ideas for girls

Sexy Tattoos pic

tattoos for boys

mens colour tattoo designs

line & shadows of the skull Steve Art Tattoo, Nancy, France

tattoos designs for women

mens tattoo designVia


tattoo for men

tattoo ink sleevesVia

black and white phoenix tattoo designs for brideVia

black and white photography with tattoos for menVia

tattoo for girlsVia

men tattoo designsVia

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