11 Effective Tips on How to Dress Stylish

June 18, 2020

You open your wardrobe, it’s full of clothes, but you’re frustrated because you have nothing to wear. It’s a feeling we can all relate to sometimes.

Fashion can be tricky, especially if you’re wondering how to dress stylish but don’t know what you should be buying, or how to get started.

Luckily, fashion doesn’t have to be complicated— read on to learn the best ways you can dress with style, every day. Create a unique look for yourself and wear it with pride!

1. How to Dress Stylish? Find a Great Tailor

One of our top tips for how to dress better is to find a tailor. We often buy clothes that fit well, but not perfectly, and just deal with it. However, with the help of a tailor, each item of clothing can become a bespoke piece that fits you perfectly.

Baggy shirts, roll-up trousers, and ill-fitting dresses aren’t doing us any favors in the style department, so find a local tailor who can help you find the perfect fit.

A tailor doesn’t need to be expensive, but the extra amount is a small price to pay for the benefits you’ll notice from wearing tailored garments.

2. Try Rental Fashion

Do you have a special occasion coming up, but nothing to wear? Formal and evening wear can be stunning, but often some of the best looks are designer, out of budget for most of us.

However, did you know you can rent designer dresses and clothes for a few days, to wear for a wedding, birthday, or a big date? Get the latest looks, straight from the runway, for a fraction of the cost to buy.

If you’re wondering how to be fashionable, renting stylish looks is one of the best ways!

3. Style With Scarves

A scarf can turn an average outfit into an elegant and stylish look. It can dress up a skirt, a corporate look, or even jeans and a white-t.

Look for silk, cotton, or even cashmere scarves. They’re an instant way to add texture, layers, and color to any look.

4. Look After Your Clothes

If you want to look like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine every day, you have to put the effort in to look after your clothes. Wrinkled, unkempt clothes aren’t likely to attract much notice, so put your best foot forward by taking care of your items.

Dry clean your items as needed, and take the time to iron. Or, invest in a garment steamer, an easy way to keep all of your clothes looking wrinkle-free.

Items such as wool, cashmere, and silk can be subject to damage from moths or sunlight, so store all of your clothing correctly when it’s not in use.

5. Support Local Brands

It can be tough to know how to dress trendy if everyone around you is shopping in the same stores, wearing the same looks.

However, for something unique, why not skip the malls and try to support local designers? Support a small business and find trendy, stylish pieces that no one else is likely to be wearing.

6. Only Buy Things That Fit Well

It can be tempting to fall for the latest trendy item and impulse buy, even if it doesn’t quite look right.

With trendy pieces, they can come and go within a season, so they already have a short shelf-life. But, if they don’t fit well, you’re not likely to ever wear the item.

Looking uncomfortable in your clothes is not a good look, no matter how trendy they might be, so only invest in things that you love—and fit you well.

7. Look For Timeless Pieces

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes the most trendy pieces are also timeless looks that will never go out of style.

Purchase items that you can wear for years to come, no matter what fashion trends may come and go.

Look for timeless, iconic pieces such as trenchcoats, pumps, Levi’s, and a little black dress.

8. Invest in Jackets and Bags

If you’re wondering how to dress for success, invest in quality pieces that will last for years, such as jackets and bags. They are items you use daily, so over time, the cost per wear will be quite low, even for high-priced items.

An elegant leather bag, briefcase, or a warm winter coat will last forever if you purchase well-made, quality goods.

9. Know How to Accessorize

You can add instant style to any outfit if you know how to accessorize. Often, less is more— for example, if you’re wearing big, statement earrings, pair them with a simple dress, so your jewelry can be the focus.

Or, you can never go wrong with a beautiful strand of pearls or diamond earrings.

10. Swap With Friends

Do your friends love fashion as much as you do? A great (and free) way to add some flair to your wardrobe is to organize a fashion swap with friends.

Everyone brings along pieces they don’t wear anymore and have fun swapping, trying on new things, and creating new looks. It’s an easy way to add some new style to your closet without spending money.

11. Wear What Makes You Feel Fantastic

The best way to look stylish is always to be confident! Wear what you love if it makes you feel good, even if it’s not on-trend.

Confidence and personality are always going to get noticed when you’re happy with your outfits and looks, so wear what makes your heart sing!

Find Your Style Today

Now that you know how to dress stylish and on-trend, while still being true to yourself, get out there and start enjoying fashion!

Mix and match new looks, experiment with accessories and start developing your own style. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking new outfits like you’ve just stepped off the pages of Vogue.

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