3 Mistakes People Make When Buying High End Clothing

July 15, 2021

Designer brands are a mixed bag. While some are truly worth the money, some will gladly overcharge you for the name. That’s all fine as it’s a business after all, but that doesn’t mean you should fall for it. Whether you’re new to high-end fashion or have been buying high-end pieces for a while, there are mistakes many people routinely make that end up costing them. Let’s take a look at some of them so you don’t have to commit them.

Thinking that Certain Brands are “Go-To” Brands

A lot of people still don’t understand that a brand is just a brand – not a designer or creative director. A brand will rarely hire a director that goes completely against their ethos and general aesthetic, but there are times when they do, and these collections are not always the most well-received. So, before you buy high-end clothing from any designer, look at who their creative director is, and look at other works from that designer to see if their vision aligns with yours.

They Don’t Go to the Right Source

Another major mistake people make is not shopping through the right outlets. Many people will be afraid to look online for instance, but they shouldn’t be. One of the benefits of going online for high-end clothing is that you’ll often get access to a much wider selection as these outlets will usually ship straight from their warehouse. They will often also offer a wider selection of designers.

If you’re looking for something from Alexander McQueen’s line, for instance, you have stores like that have one of the biggest collections you’ll ever find. They have everything from Alexander McQueen tees, to bracelets, sneakers, and all sorts of accessories. They also have classic pieces like trench coats and high-quality denim you can choose from.

However, before buying online, make sure that you buy from a reputable store with lots of history that offers safe payment methods, a flexible return policy, and great service.

Look for Quality First

Like we said earlier, some brands will make you pay a premium to wear their name, but there are some cases where the price is justified by the quality. So, we would suggest that you start looking for quality first, and the brand after.

The first thing you should start learning is your fabrics. Know that just because something is made of cashmere, it doesn’t make it luxurious. A $140 Everlane sweater will not look or feel like a $1,200 Loro Piana piece even though both are made of cashmere. All fabrics will have different grades, and a high-grade cashmere will have longer strands, which will make a huge difference when it comes to comfort, so make sure you learn those nuances before you start shopping.

Also, we would suggest that you stick with natural fabrics as much as you can, look for great construction and finishing, and know which countries are known for producing quality.

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when buying luxury clothing. Do not commit these and do your homework if you don’t want to get swindled by high-end luxury brands.

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