3 Reasons Why Diamond is the Trendiest for Jewellery Making

July 12, 2021

Diamonds have been the choicest gem for making jewelry. Their popularity has only increased with time since they have been accepted popularly. Over time with the phrases like ‘a diamond forever’, it has been beautifully associated with the expression of love. Multiple variants in different colors and cuts have added to its widespread admiration. Most couples, whether they prefer conventional or contemporary style, choose a pink diamond engagement ring to make their day more special. Diamonds have also become more affordable than earlier which further fuels the passion for diamonds among people. However, if you are still in doubt about buying diamonds, the following compelling reasons would help you decide in favor.

  • It is durable

On the Mohs hardness scale, diamond scores a ten to become the hardest natural material on the planet. This hardness makes it durable and sturdy enough to withstand weathering and constant use. The natural hard property gives the diamonds the durability that makes them a symbol of eternal love. 

Diamonds take millions of years to form through a slow process that occurs in the earth’s upper mantle. This slow process makes these gems so hard and resistant to cracks and breakage. It keeps them perfect forever.

  • It enhances the beauty

Nobody can deny the beauty of a diamond. It is the most gorgeous and luxurious gem that compliments and elevates your natural beauty like no other. It is probably the only gemstone that has got a quantification of the beauty in terms of the 4Cs, namely, color, clarity, carat, and cut. 

It comes in several color options with each delivering the same opulence. Clarity is a measure of its flawlessness. A higher clarity diamond has lesser flaws and is clearer and brighter. Carat determines its weight and heavier is not always the better. You need to find the right carat according to your jewelry’s needs. 

The final and the most vital measure of a diamond’s beauty is the cut. It is the cut that causes the light’s refraction and gives the diamond its profound sparkle. It is the extraordinary cutting skills of the jeweler that provides brilliance to your most favorite gemstone.

  • It delivers to the culture

Another reason diamond enjoys an unparalleled dominance in jewelry making is its history and deep-rooted connection with the culture. It has earned a reputation as the most precious, extravagant, and adored gemstone. Its history running through many generations over several hundred years. 

With its rarity, enduring beauty, and smartly marketed inextricable relation with romance and love, it quickly became the most beloved gem. In no time, the diamond was a staple for the choicest jewelry for every designer. It becomes quintessential for every special occasion. 

This long-running history linking several generations made it an integral part of the culture. Many families have at least one piece of diamond jewelry as their heirloom. Often couples prefer a diamond engagement ring not only to strengthen their love but also to show their devotion and admiration for their families. In cultures, it has become a symbol of love and faithfulness, and an unsaid rule mandates a diamond to ensure the eternal association of two people.

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