Five Wedding Video Styles to Try Out in Austin!

August 29, 2019

For anyone who is living in the capital of Texas, the greatness that the entire city beholds is remarkable. The scenery is beautiful, the economy is thriving, and the overall quality of life is outstanding. Some even say Austin is the best city in America.

With this much greatness the city offers, it is no wonder that people who live in the city choose to stay in the here to get married and build a life.

Getting married in Austin comes with a ton of perks. You will have mouth-watering food at your reception, and there are plenty of breathtaking venues to choose from.

But of course, all this beauty would go to waste if you won’t be able to capture your big day. Luckily, there are a lot of wedding video production services Austin TX, so you can easily hire a team for your special day.

When you get your wedding day captured on video, there are hundreds of ways and styles to do it. Usually, the service you hire will show you samples of what they can do. But if you want to make it a bit more personal, it is nice to have your peg.

If you don’t know what pegs could work for your wedding day, here are five styles that you could try out!

  • Documentary Video – You basically want to document your wedding day, so why not go for a classic documentary-style video? Start from the very beginning of the day where you are prepping up to the very last minute of the event. This way, you can have a copy of everything that’s happened.
  • Drone video – Want some top angle shots to capture the beauty of your venue? Try going for a drone video. You will have cool footage of your party and location.
  • Wedding bouquet camera – How about a video that shows exactly what you are seeing? Try asking wedding video production services in Austin, TX, if they have any small camera you can put inside your bouquet. With this, you can catch your walk down the aisle spectacularly.
  • Retro video – You know that really old retro movie you see on TV, the one that’s in sepia or black and white? Why not have a bit of fun and ask your videographer if they can edit your videos that way. It will make your day look like a timeless classic.
  • Music video – If you want to have lots of fun, a wedding music video is a way to go. You can slap your theme song or favorite music in the video and showcase all the great places in Austin that you have been. You will have lots of fun filming and will have a great video in the end.

Choosing what kind of style you want to see is all up to you. You can either select one of the above mentioned or combine two or more techniques. What’s important is you have fun filming, and you will be able to look back years from your special day.

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