Create and Print Save the Dates: Suggestions, and Ideas

October 12, 2021

Wouldn’t it be fun to design your wedding card? It surely will. However designing takes a lot of brainstorming you need to plan it before executing. there are two ways for creating the save the dates you can either make an online save the date or a hard copy. To print save the dates you need to contact a reliable wedding card printer. 

In this article first we will explain how can you create a save the date for your wedding and then the method to find a reliable and professional save the date printer. Creating a DIY save the date is not very complicated all you need to do is follow a few suggestions and tips. 

Method for creating a DIY save the date 

 These are few simple steps that everyone will have to follow while designing and making a save the date.

Think about the ideas 

Honestly there are several ideas for a fantastic save the date. Considering all those trending save the date designs will confuse you. Therefore you have to make a unique plan based on the inspirations.

If it is a destination wedding then you can go with the pictures of the venue to excite the guests. Similarly, if you want people to see the couple before hand then it would be better to have some photographs in the wedding invitation.

Lastly it can be a minimal idea with a soft base and bold text. You must decide what would be the theme of the save the date and then proceed. Otherwise, you will be confused throughout the creation. 

To find some of the best ideas you can either check on Pinterest or at the card designers websites. 

Choose an application 

Once you have decided the theme of the save the date the next thing to do is to find a software. Best software to create save the date is adobe Photoshop and Canva. 

These are not the only software, one should read the policies and the features available with the software.

Recreate the chosen designs 

If you have chosen a design an want to recreate it download it and make sure that there are no copyrights on it. Shutter stock is one of the best websites to find out template and pictures it can be used without any fear of copyright.

To re-create the template you can add different colours emoji logos and pictures. The Adobe Photoshop will be the best application for it. Another option is to use procreate to add different types of text. Ensure that you have edited the template in a way that it should look like an original save the date.

Save it 

Creating the save the date yourself would not be easy. You might need to create different drafts, stay patient while you do so.  

How to find the right printer for save the dates 

Printing save the date postcards is easy but the paper you use for that is not the ordinary paper. Your regular stationary show might not have that high quality cardboard used for wedding invitations. 

Therefore you have to contact the professional card printers. Finding them is pretty convenient if you know the right track. 

Search on the internet

Efficient way to search this best professional wedding postcard designer is to post a query on your social media platforms.

There will be several people who have hired the professional wedding card designers they can suggest you some of the best and reliable save the date creators.

If you are unable to find some through the social media platforms you can switch your research to Google.

Read reviews 

Reviews and testimonials are really important when you are planning something for your wedding because everything has to be on point.

You can either read these testimonials on the site of the selected wedding car designers or ask people in person about their experiences. 

Ready to discuss the paper 

 So the first thing the designer would discuss with you will be the paper type there are several papers available in market for wedding invitations. You must tell them the design and theme of the save the dates and then they can suggest you some compatible paper types for the printing process.

Open for negotiations 

As you are only asking them to print the save the dates so the budget should be pretty affordable. Anyone who is hesitant in offering you a fair budget is a fraud so beware. 

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