Five Basics For Getting Your Home Ready For A Small Wedding

January 13, 2022

A wedding day is the most special day in a couple’s life, yet it doesn’t have to be too extravagant. However, ever since the pandemic struck, most couples have opted for intimate weddings, which they can share with their loved ones since there is no way around thanks to social distancing and lockdowns. Thus, these are now the trend. In addition to being a trend, there are myriad reasons that prove why an intimate wedding be the right choice for you.

Having an intimate wedding can also be budget-friendly. In pre-pandemic times, the venue covered a considerable part of the total wedding budget. However, since people now are having intimate weddings, renting out a big space no longer makes financial sense. Therefore most people are opting for a more relaxed at-home wedding. So if you are planning a wedding in your backyard, or your out-of-town family members are coming to stay, you have to get your house ready for the big day. 

Here are some tips that will help you get your home prepared for a small wedding:

1. Declutter your house:

When you invite relatives living in a different town or country, they come along with lots of luggage, and for that, you need some free space. Also, if you are having an indoor wedding, you need to clear out your regular furniture to create the aisle, or at the very least a place to say “I do” and put seating for the guests. So instead of stacking your furniture and closing up a room in the house when you are already short on space, it is better to shift them to a storage unit near your home. For example, if you live in Shreveport, then you can search ‘storage units shreveport’ online to find a suitable storage facility. This way, you will get to know about several reliable storage units in your area. 

Similarly, when the wedding week starts, all the cameras come out. You would want to record precious moments and take candid shots. Therefore a clutter-free house gives a much cleaner background for the photographs. In addition to that, it provides enough space for the guests to mingle around.

2. Do the necessary repairs and renovations:

It is tempting to finish all your house repairs and renovations before the wedding day. However, if you are working under a specific budget, repairing everything might not be possible. So what you can do is, reevaluate and prioritize to minus things that can wait. For example, something like a damaged roof, heating problems, and chipped paint should be on your priority list. Once your list is finalized, contact a contractor to get an estimate for the repairs.

3. Rent things that you don’t have:

You certainly would not want your guests to sleep on an air mattress. Similarly, you would not wish to give up on your comfy bed and sleep on an air mattress yourself as well. So if you don’t have enough beds to accommodate all of your guests, we have an affordable yet comfortable alternative. The mattress industry has revolutionized and invented bed-in-a-box. You can either rent or buy them. Another benefit is that you can compress them into small sizes. You can also rent restrooms to accommodate the entire list of guests. In addition to that, you may require a high amount of power for lights, catering, band, etc., for this increased amount of energy, we always recommend renting a generator.

4. Call a cleanup crew for pre-wedding preparations:

The most important thing to add to your pre-wedding house preparation list is hiring a cleanup crew. As the wedding preparations start, the house gets messy quickly as vendors are constantly going in and out. However, with cameras coming out and frequent recording of precious moments, you certainly don’t want the clutter and mess to get recorded. So cleaning up the mess is the only solution, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. Hire a cleaning crew just before the wedding for deep cleaning. However, you can also hire them to be on duty on the wedding day and afterward. This way, you can focus on the big day without being distracted.

5. Check out the landscape:

Most people use the backyard of their homes to arrange small weddings. So before you start decorating the indoor of the house, don’t forget to look at the space you are about to utilize. Outdoor weddings look truly beautiful, but it may take some time and energy to decorate. Therefore, you can do a visual walkthrough of your backyard and determine which bit or piece requires extra attention and love. You can add flowers or bushes at the entrance for an easy and promising start. But before you start decorating, keep a copy of the blueprint of your house to avoid any blunders. You certainly don’t want to ruin your big day. Hence, a blueprint saves you the hassle of detailing all the underground water and powerlines. 

A take-home message:

Your wedding day may be the most precious day of your life, yet your home is where the essential phase of your life begins. So why not mix the two? By following the tricks mentioned above, you can decorate your home into the most stunning venue to host a memorable intimate wedding that your guests will never forget. 

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