Love is in The Air – Signs That Indicate She Wants You to Propose

September 25, 2019

Falling in love is one the greatest feelings there is. When you feel it, you feel it! The rush of endorphins that flow into the brain when you know you’ve found the one is an incomparable feeling and the next step is to make it official and let friends and family share your joy.

Before you actually propose, however, you need to make sure she is 100% ready for your proposal, so how can you tell when she is ready? There are a few solid indicators that show she is ready for you to make a proposal, including but not limited to:

  • Talks about how many children she’d like to have complete with favourite names
  • Discusses moving in together and perhaps buying a property
  • Introduces you to her extended family
  • Adjusts her lifestyle to spend more time with you
  • Hints at marriage!

The above list is by no means exhaustive, there are several other indicators that tell you she is ready for your proposal. When you’re as sure as you possibly can be that she’ll say yes and haven’t misread the signals, it’s time to put the engagement plan into action.

Buying The Engagement Ring

Ok, so you’ve ascertained that the special lady in your life will more than likely say yes to your proposal of marriage, the next step is to buy the all-important engagement ring to officially symbolise your commitment. The handmade engagement rings Brisbane shops craft to your own design and vision are simply breath-taking and go much deeper than simply rubber stamp your forthcoming marriage. These rings also show how much thought you have put into the process. It’s easy to simply go and buy an engagement ring from a tray at some non-descript jewellers but visiting a real craftsman who designs an engagement ring to your exact specifications displays an elevated thought process and real effort.

The engagement ring itself is the centrepiece of the engagement and the thing that everyone else will want to see and comment upon. Make sure you get it right!

The Actual Proposal

The actual proposal itself is a very personal thing and how you do it depends on what you think will be appreciated. Very public proposals, although very romantic, may leave certain people feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed, so make sure your loved one will appreciate it before staging this type of proposal. The majority of ladies would probably prefer the proposal to take place in a more intimate setting such as an isolated beach or a top-class restaurant or hotel. Wherever you decide to do it, make sure you get down on one knee and do it properly!

As previously mentioned, if you have fallen in love you know it but just make sure the feelings are reciprocal. By reading all the signs correctly and buying a handmade engagement ring you will stand the best possible chance of her saying yes and taking the first steps towards a loving and fulfilling life together.

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