A Lowdown on Your Wedding Transportation Options

March 18, 2020

When you think about your wedding to-do list, do you break out in a cold sweat? Do you need to find creative ways to slash costs while still throwing a fantastic party?

The average couple spends more than $30,000 on their wedding. That’s the dress, the food, the invitations, the rings, and transportation.

Wait, did you forget to book your wedding transportation? If you’re nodding your head yes, this article’s for you. We’ll give you the rundown of the top wedding transportation options.

Wedding Transportation Ideas

The first step in figuring out wedding transportation is to talk to your family, friends, and co-workers. Check online reviews before you sign a contract and ask if the company offers referral bonuses or a lower price if you book online.

Antique Car

If you want to save money and make a stunning entrance, you might want to rent an antique car. It’ll look amazing in pictures and you can rent a car that matches your wedding color scheme.

Just make sure that you practice getting out of the car several times. Long dresses and high heels can make even yoga instructors a bit off balance.

Make sure you book your transportation well in advance. You don’t want to have to leave for your honeymoon in your soccer mom minivan.

Party Bus

Any list of wedding transportation tips has to include the party bus. If you have a bridal party of 15 or more, your best option is to have them ride to the ceremony together on a shuttle bus or van.

If you book a party bus, you should probably limit the amount of alcohol that is onboard. Keep it to about two drinks per person and you should be good to go.

Talk to your transportation company about their cleanup policy, fees and taxes, and whether snacks and drinks are included in the price.


If you’re looking for wedding transportation options that have a wow factor, limos are the best choice.
Depending upon the size of your wedding party, you can choose from

  • Cadillac Escalade luxury SUV limo that seats six
  • Lincoln MKT, a luxury limo that seats eight
  • Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine that seats up to 15

One of the top tips to hire the best limo service? If the vehicle is more than five years old, you might want to keep looking.

Look for companies that offer chauffeur service, wifi, leather seats, and tinted window glass for privacy.

Memorable Wedding Rides on a Budget

If you’re getting married in an urban area, you may not want to drive to your wedding. Taking the subway isn’t an option, though, so what else can you do?

Bicycle for Two

One of the most romantic wedding day transportation ideas has to be the tandem bicycle. It’s a great backdrop for pictures and it sets a wholesome tone for the wedding ceremony.

Needless to say, make sure that your dress isn’t going to get caught in the bicycle spokes. You can wear a shorter dress while you’re pedaling and then change once you get to the ceremony.

The only problem with a tandem bike is that the wind could mess up your carefully-coiffed hair.


Scooters are often overlooked as wedding transportation options but they’re great for country or city weddings. If your vibe is modern and fun, a scooter could be the best choice.

Scooters and bicycles share a problem, though, and that is helmet hair. If you’re going to do your hair before your entrance, make sure you can freshen up before you walk down the aisle.

Before you sign paperwork for scooter rental, you might want to take a few lessons. You don’t need any special license to drive a scooter but driving around corners can take some time to master.


If you’re getting married in a rustic setting close to a lake, why not come in on a boat? You don’t have to rent a large boat, just a small rowboat.

You can have the groom rowing the bride, the best man rowing the couple, or even the bride’s parents rowing her to the ceremony.

If you make your entrance in a boat, you do run the risk of the wind or rain messing up your hair. You might want to have a poncho ready just in case.

Also, make sure that you’re getting out of the boat onto a dock or paved road. Mud and wedding gowns don’t mix. If something unexpected happens, you can wear your reception gown instead.

Foot Power

Picture this: you and your future spouse take a long walk to the wedding venue, talking and laughing about your memories and plans. You show up to the ceremony as one, united, and then you walk up to the altar together.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? It’s a memorable entrance that costs you nothing and it’s a great way to start off a marriage.

Don’t make the walk in high heels, though. White sneakers or sandals are a much better option for a pre-wedding stroll.

The best part about walking to your ceremony is that you can use the money you save to make a cool exit. Horse-drawn carriage, anyone? Helicopter? Yacht?

The possibilities are inspiring.

Wedding Transportation for Destination Weddings

If you’re planning to have your wedding in another country, you may have to provide shuttle buses for your guests from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the ceremony.

If that’s the case, try to get as many guests as possible to confirm their attendance. That way, you’ll know how large a shuttle you’ll need.

One common issue with international destination weddings is that you may get charged more than a local would for the same services. If possible, try to find someone who lives in that country to book all of your wedding transportation and vendors.

Now that you know about wedding transportation options, come take a look at our other blogs! We have info on everything from romantic getaways to DIY home repair!

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