7 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

January 17, 2019

Wedding Dresses are stunning, but you can’t they can cost a fortune. If you are planning your wedding and are short for money to buy your dress, then avoid over expensive options. Following, we are going to mention a few ways you can get a stunning wedding dress without breaking your budget:

1.Try a Bridesmaid Dress

Bride and Bridesmaid Dresses aren’t very different. Just skip the fancy stuff,and they are almost the same thing. So, if you are going to tie the knot but are on a budget, then you can buy a bridesmaid dress and still look just as stunning as you would in a bridal dress.

2.Rent the Dress

You can always rent the wedding dress. Search the market,and you will be surprised to learn you can rent a designer dress for only a fraction of its cost. Most bridal boutiques offer wedding dresses for rent.

Renting bridal wear is more popular instead of buying it. It seems a bit weird,butit’s an economical solution. Besides, what will you do with the expensive wedding dress? Hang it for the rest of your life after the big day?

3.Get a Short Dress

If you don’t want to rent the dress, you can save a lot of money by getting a simple and short dress. Short Wedding Dresses are affordable as compared to full-length dresses. Moreover, they don’t need challenging last-minute elopements, especially when you do it during the big day.

4.Try a Lightweight Dress

Don’t want to show your legs on the big day? Get a full-length lightweight dress. These dresses make an excellent choice if you are tying the knot in warm temperature. Besides, you don’t want anything to weigh you down, especially heavy fabrics.

Lightweight dresses are breathable as they have less fabric and other details. Plus, they are on the affordable side.

5.Buy a Simple and Make Changes

If you like embellishments or a floral dress,butcan’tafford one. Buy a simple dress and make some changes. Yes, buy a beautiful, simple dress and make custom alterations. This way, you will get a dreamy dress without sacrificing any of the fine touches.

Moreover, the dress will carry your personal touch. It’s far better than buying a pricey dress.

6.Be Careful About the Fabrics

Silk and Lace are the priciest fabrics. But you don’t need to look stunning; there are chic options that cost far less. Synthetic fabrics are the cheapest, but we are talking about affordable, not cheap. So, you are better off with chiffon and taffeta.

These fabrics are beautiful, they cost less than silk and lace but are more comfortable (breathable) than Synthetic and Blended fabrics.

7.Mind the Season

If you want to save money, then time your shopping trip. Wait for sales and discount offers.

Designers distribute their new lines during winter and summer. Therefore, boutiques and retailers make way for the new collection by selling off their old one at reduced prices. JJ’s Houseoffers excellent discounts on bridalwear, do check their collection.

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