4 Best Countries to Visit in Asia for Maximum Enjoyment

January 22, 2020

Are you considering taking a vacation to Asia but aren’t entirely sure where to go? With so many wonderful destinations, it can be tricky trying to narrow it down so you get the most enjoyment out of your time there. Luckily, we are here to help!

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best countries to visit in Asia on your next vacation.

1. Cambodia

If you love history and exploring ancient ruins then Cambodia is a great option for you. A visit to Siem Reap will leave you spellbound at the ancient temples of Angkor. Plan on spending at least a full day here so you can have time to explore the temple grounds and learn the history of the area.

Aside from the famous Angkor temples, Cambodia is a great country to visit due to its beautiful scenery, inexpensive food, and accommodations, and the local people are friendly and many speak English so navigating the country is easy to do.

2. China

China is such a huge country with so many sites to see that you might need to take more than one trip here. The rich history of this country will leave you in awe after a trip to The Great Wall of China or seeing the Forbidden City which was home to China’s Emperors and their families for roughly 500 years.
After the hustle and bustle of these two popular places, you might want to slow down and spend some time with nature cruising along the Yangtze River and then enjoy some of the local cuisines. There are so many great things to do in China, you might find yourself taking an additional vacation to the great country to see it all.

3. Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia and is a fairly inexpensive country to visit, making it the perfect destination if you are traveling on a budget. The beautiful scenery and beaches are wonderful for nature lovers, especially those who enjoy snorkeling or diving. The Similan Island waters are loaded with tropical fish and coral and the waters are so clear you will be able to have full visibility of them.

The floating markets of Bangkok are a must-see for those who want to enjoy the local culture and food of Thailand. You can enjoy some fresh coconut juice or a full meal cooked from inside one of the many floating kitchens that the market has to offer.

4. Japan

Japan is a culturally rich country with something to offer for anyone wanting to travel here. For those who love history, a trip to the ancient city of Kyoto is a must for the ancient temples and beautiful shrines, and many of these have been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage sites list.

Tokyo is a wonderful city full of technological wonders and you can enjoy eating at a robot restaurant or belt out some songs at a karaoke bar. After all of that stimulation, you should head to Mount Fuji and enjoy the beautiful view of the famous volcano.

Learn More Today About the Best Countries to Visit in Asia!

This is just a shortlist of some of the best countries to visit in Asia, there are so many wonderful places to see and cultures to experience you simply must start planning your next vacation to one of them!

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