Beginner Camping Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

August 7, 2019

Camping is one of those things that feels like second nature, once you get the hang of it. When you’re a beginner, the trip doesn’t seem all that easy, but after a few goes, you’re guaranteed to be a total pro in no time. If you’re just starting out and you’re doing some wise research before you hit the elements, read on for a few easy to make beginners mistake, and how to avoid them:

Not doing your homework

Although camping seems very chilled out, it’s only really relaxing if you’ve done your research. Study up on your location, the weather, the kit that you need and the local area that you’re headed to before you leave. You’ll save yourself hours of fuss and stress, making your trip the enjoyable experience that you set out for.

Not preparing your food

One of the trickiest parts of camping is the meals. Regardless of your equipment or the cooking facilities at your chosen site, you need to prepare the grub. This preparation involves writing out all your meals in a meal plan, bringing along every ingredient on your list and doing a little chopping before you leave. You should bring lots of dry foods and snacks for breakfasts and times you don’t feel like cooking. As many cold meals as possible is always a good thing, think salads, sandwiches or even a few pre-cooked meals to crack out when you really don’t want to cook.

Forgetting the importance of light

Yes, you have a torch on your phone, no, it’s not enough. Forgetting to bring along sufficient light sources is a classic beginners mistake that you can easily avoid by packing a few lightweight travel torches!

Arriving in the later hours

Always, always, always avoid arriving late. Later hours mean any time after 5 pm when the sun starts to shy away. You can guarantee that getting all set up, be it in a tent or a camper, is going to be worse in the dark. By arriving in the morning hours, you can get everything sorted easily, leaving the whole day open for camping fun!

Packing poorly

You should thoughtfully and carefully plan everything that you’re bringing on your camping trip. This is essential for taking the right stuff and for knowing what’s what in your bag. A great tip is to look up a family camping checklist, you can print it out and reference it every time you’re feeling lost. Properly packing means that your trip will be as enjoyable as possible!

Relying on the campfire

It can be very tempting to think that the campfire can solve all your practicality problems but be wary to never rely on it. Campfires are great for late-night chats, warming you up a little and setting the scene, however, they should never be considered an energy source. Make sure you bring enough items that will keep you warm, give you light and heat your food if necessary.

Leaving the entertainment behind

You’re headed to the outdoors in order to immerse yourself in nature and forget about the worries of your everyday life. However, don’t leave everything behind. Skipping on entertainment like games, cards and books puts you at risk of getting bored when the weather is bad, when you’re tired or in the early evenings when you want to chill. In case there is a lake, use fishing kayak for more family adventures.

By avoiding these common beginner camper mistakes, you’ll ensure that your first camping experience runs smoothly and efficiently. Camping is all about having fun and letting go, so just remember to be prepared, relax, and enjoy the trip!

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