4 Factors to consider when Planning to get Ceramic coating

August 9, 2022

Statistics suggest that there are around 1.446 billion cars in the world. The automobile after-sales product offerings have significantly increased in recent decades. One such product that has become popular is ceramic coating. The ceramic coating as paint protection has grown in popularity among many car enthusiasts. And for a good reason, ceramic coatings give the vehicle a smooth, glass-like gloss and make cleaning it simpler. So, if you plan to get paint protection for your car, you will need to do appropriate research on ceramic coating cost, types, and other essential things listed below. 

Choose the type of coating.

Ceramic protective coatings come in several varieties nowadays. These are SiO Boost Spray, PTFE-Based Ceramic Spray and Nano coating. The hardness of these ceramic coatings varies from 9H to 10H.

PTFE-Based Ceramic Spray

Many people also refer to the PTFE-based sprays as Teflon-based sprays. With little protection, these sprays can produce extremely hydrophobic surfaces. Additionally, it excels in generating a non-stick surface and heat protection.

SiO Boost Spray

The SiO Boost Sprays come next. These goods have silicon dioxide or silica in them. Additionally, some include titanium dioxide. Polymers and other liquid components are combined with these two main constituents.

Nano coating

The nano professional coating is the best option if you want to safeguard your vehicle’s paint. When applied by a qualified installer or professional detailer, this highly concentrated formulation’s unique combination of SiO2, TiO2, and solvents aids the coating’s capacity to layer.

Check the Costing

 Pro ceramic coating products are extremely high-end sealants that require highly qualified, licensed personnel to apply. It requires carefully controlled surroundings, expensive machinery, and highly skilled personnel. So, the ceramic coating cost differs according to the vehicle’s state, size, and quality.

Choose the installer

Choosing the professional to apply your coating is more crucial than the coating itself. It is vital to apply ceramic coatings correctly to ensure they are functional.

A ceramic coating applied by an untrained individual may have unsightly high spots, scratches, and swirls trapped behind the layer, resulting in reduced lifespan and an unattractive appearance. That’s not as simple as applying a sealer or wax to your car. The paint must be coated after adequately rectifying it to ensure that the coating looks and functions properly. If your detailer isn’t a master in paint protection application, they may not be able to layer the coating correctly. 

If you spend the money on the best coating, it would be wise to hire a professional who knows how to apply it.

Do it Yourself

If someone has budget constraints, they can choose to do it themselves. But it may be time-consuming, and the results may not be satisfactory. It would be beneficial to do proper research and ask for assistance from an expert before starting with the process. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keeping your vehicle looking good. Nevertheless, getting a ceramic coating will make your vehicle more valuable if you’re a die-hard auto enthusiast. It is advisable to consider getting it done by reputable installers. 

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