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4 Reasons Not to Live in a Hot House

August 29, 2018
Hot House

With temperatures that can become extreme in months like July and August, Houston homeowners have to come to grips with the heat. In the hot weather, the best solution would be a quick retreat into the sanctuary of an air-conditioned home. This explains the importance of having an air conditioner system. If your system is broken or not installed, you’re likely to bear with the oppressive heat. This is not a situation to wish for. Read on to discover these 4 reasons not to live in a hot house.

Inability to sleep

Inability to sleep
It’s very hard to catch sleep in a hot house. This is likely to affect you tremendously since good sleep is very important for your body. Poor sleep leads to irritability and stress. Additionally, poor sleep affects your immune system making your body susceptible to simple illnesses like colds. Good sleep is beneficial in promoting full concentration, lessening chances of accidents while driving, and ability to focus at work. Long periods without good sleep come with health issues including diabetes, high blood pressures, and heart disease.

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion
Spending a lot of time in the heat might make you begin feeling sluggish, sweaty, and eventually sick. These are signs of heat exhaustion resulting from the body’s reaction to excess heat in a hot house. Further exposure to heat might lead to conditions such as:

  • Fainting
  • Sweating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Rapid weak pulse

If you don’t find an immediate solution, the heat exhaustion might quickly lead to heatstroke. This comes with a risk of death.

Roof damage

Heat rises to the highest part of the house. It means the heat goes to the attic. Combination of heat and moisture promotes the growth of mold on the frame of your roof. Presence of mold in the attic weakens the structural integrity of the roof. This exposes your roof to drafts and shingles moving off. A hot attic with mold greatly encourages disintegration of your roof from the inside out. To avoid costly roof repairs, ensure to contact professionals offering AC repairs in Houston to fix your system. This will eliminate the heat that has been going to the attic.


This is a situation where the body loses more liquids than it takes in. fluids are very important for the normal functioning of the body. Inappropriate replenishment of these fluids is what leads to dehydration. This condition is very deadly especially for kids and elderly when left in a house with poor air conditioning. Dehydration brings about conditions including:

  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion

Getting your AC unit repaired is a solution to lessen chances of hotness, which encourages dehydration. As you wait for the air conditioner technician to arrive, consider taking more fluids. In severe cases of dehydration, always seek immediate medical assistance.

There’s more

It’s not a good idea to live in a hot house. Living in a hot environment is not good for your health and your pocket a well. Hot conditions in a home encourage structural disintegration of your roof leading to costly repairs and replacements. Additionally, you’re bound to end up on a hospital bed with dehydration if you don’t do the simple repairs on your AC unit to make it work.

This is what you should do

To keep your family safe from living in a hot home, call a professional AC technician today. This one will do all the necessary repairs on your unit to ensure it performs efficiently. In more extreme conditions, the technician can get you a replacement AC system to ensure you live in a cool home.

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