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Everything You Need to Know About Building a New Home

April 6, 2020

Have you ever thought about building a new home?

Many people will have the debate between building vs buying, with most people opting to buy.

Overall, it is often cheaper to build your own home.

Building your own home can be rewarding. You get to design the home that you want. However, it will be hard work, and it can be stressful.

Where do you even start?

Here’s everything you need to know about building a new home.

Finding the Right Architect and Contractors

The first stage of building a house is to find the right contractors to help you with your build. This will mean finding an architect to turn your vision for your new home into blueprints.

When deciding on your architect, look at the properties they have previously drawn up. Meet with them and discuss your project and find an architect that you can have a good relationship with.

Once you have the plans for your house, start searching for reliable contractors to carry out the work.

Price is an obvious factor, but the quality of the work and the contractor’s ability to communicate are more important to the success of your build.

But it doesn’t stop there. You will need electricians, plumbers, and decorators during the later stages of the project. Liaise with your building contractor to decide when you will need these, and start finding suitable companies to carry out the work.

Plan for the Future

Futureproofing your property is vital. Investing in technologies to integrate into your property such as solar panels will save you money in the long run, and reduce the need to have them retrofitted in a few years.

If you’re likely to have children in a few years, allow for the extra space for growth in your family.

It is much easier to have a home that meets all of your potential future needs now, rather than having to carry out house upgrades in a few years.

How to Fund Building a New Home

Unless you have considerable savings, you will need to find Home Loan.

Start looking for builder finance. You may need to find several financing streams to get the job done. For instance, you may be eligible for a self-build mortgage or a construction loan, however, your deposit may be quite large.

If you are investing in green technology such as solar powers, you may want to look for funding from lenders such as Loanpal.

Finish the Project before You Move in

It might be tempting to move into your home before all of the snagging has taken place. It can take some time to get all of the smaller jobs finished in a new home, many of which will be easier to do if the house is empty.

If you leave jobs unfinished, you may not get around to completing the tasks for a long time.

Your Home Your Way

When you’re building a new home, you get the home that you want. The work will be hard, but the rewards will be huge.

What would your perfect home build look like? What are your home must-haves?

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