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5 Steps to Figure Out The Best Location For Your Next Home

October 23, 2018

As we no longer live in a compartmentalized world, how do you decide where to live if everywhere in the United States is an option?The question of where to live needs to be taken seriously as it will impact so many areas of your life.The decision of where to live goes beyond living in a popular big cityor your childhood town where you know everyone, so it is comfortable, or perhaps, uncomfortable?

Whether you are a recent college graduate thinking about your next step or you feel that you have hit a wall in your current city of residence, here are six things to consider when deciding where to live.

1. Who are you?

Who are You
The first thing to consider when deciding where to move is who you are which includes your hobbies and interest and whether or not if you plan on having a family. It is important to find a city where you fit in. Make a well, thought-out decision to live somewhere that overall will improve your quality of life. In order to make that decision you really need to understand what your core needs, interests, and values are and what they may evolve to be.

2. Consider career flexibility.

Live where your income is at least the average of the cityso that the cost of living does not overwhelm you. You want to comfortably afford to live even after the decision is made to purchase a home and have children. You may or may not have the same career your whole life; however, if you move to a city where the culturereflects your values and meets the needs of your hobbies and extracurricular activities (refer back to number 1) then you are more to be flexible regarding your careeroptions.

3. Less is more.

How many movie theaters, malls, restaurants, parks or private school options do we really need? There are times when we overthink options and scenarios. You do not want to spend your whole life debating. Do not get caught up in those small details when deciding where to move. As long as you have a few to chose from all will be fine.

4. Consider your family.

Money does not equal happiness yet family sure can. You do not have to select a city where your family lives, but you do want to consider the distance you are from them. How long it will take and how much it will cost to go see them. Also, consider the dating scene in the city that you are considering if having a family one day is important to you.

5. Your commute counts.

Consider the drive and overall commute time when deciding where to live. You do not want to spend two hours commuting to and from work. That impacts your quality of life and those four hours a day add up. When you totalthe four hours a day, times five days a week that is twenty hours in the car. Those are hours that you can not make up nor can you get them back.

Buy a home in Fruitland Park if you are looking to have a wonderful quality of life. You want you and your family to have an overall sense of well-being which includes everything from physical health and education to employment, wealth, and safety.

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