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How to Deal with Main Sewer Line Issues in Your Home?

October 20, 2021

Montgomery County has many residential buildings. If you face main sewer line issues in your home in this place, you can contact an expert plumber Montgomery County to solve the problem.

Sewer lines are mostly invisible, but that doesn’t mean they’re also insignificant. Here’s some information about sewer lines that will help you manage your plumbing system better and avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Where Are the Sewer Lines?

Sewer pipe installation happens beneath most homeowners’ feet. You likely spent thousands of dollars on landscaping or renovations before even realizing that your wastewater was being whisked away through underground pipes.

Hiring an expert plumber in Montgomery County can help address many plumbing issues in homes. These plumbers must be licensed by either the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission or the State’s Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation Board of Plumbing.

What Can You Tell About Your Sewer Lines Based on The Exterior of Your Home?

Most sewer lines are located on the exterior or front side of your home or business’ foundation, not under it. Even if you don’t need repairs, take some time to explore this area during landscaping projects or while out walking your dog; you might save yourself quite a bit of money (and future headache) down the line.

Some homes have uneven ground levels and may have slopes and dips. These areas tend to be more susceptible to landslides, flooding, and erosion, leading to damaged pipes. Also, low-lying areas are more likely to flood when heavy rains hit. 

Are Trees Nearby? They Can Be Bad News for Your Sewer Lines 

There are many reasons that trees are harmful to your sewer lines, but the main reason is that they are often too close together in places you don’t want them, like near sewage drains.

Roots from nearby trees will grow toward moisture underground until they hit a moist area like your home’s sewer line or drainage. These roots may damage your sewer lines, costing you a lot in repairs. So, be mindful of trees in and around your house. 

Do You Notice Puddles After a Downpour? This May Be a Problem with Your Sewer Lines

A backup in your sewer system is one of the most common and costly home repairs you can face. If you notice puddles near your home’s drainage, check to see if there are any cracks or split pipes.

Depending on how severe the problem is, you may be able to remedy this yourself by repairing damaged sections with glue or epoxy, but keep in mind that heavy-duty damage will require professional assistance. A top plumber in Montgomery County knows the Ohio plumbing code and applies it before working.

By knowing the age of your drainage system, you can better determine how long it will be before you need major repairs. Being aware of low areas and slopes near your home is an excellent way to prevent disaster. 

Finally, by knowing what happens during a rainstorm, you’ll be able to keep an eye on water levels that might indicate problems with leaking or damaged sewer lines.

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