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Tips To Make Your Move Less Stressful

October 8, 2018

After the exciting, but the sometimes stressful process of choosing your new house, you’ll be ready to move. Once you’ve packed the never-ending amount of clothes and kitchenware, you then have to unpack it all…we’re exhausted just thinking about it.

To make your next move smoother and less stressful, we’ve put together this list to give you some tips on de-stressing and being more efficient:

1. One thing at a time

One thing at a time
The main thing that makes moving so stressful is the sheer amount of work it can seem that you have in front of you. Before you’ve started, it can feel overwhelming. To make the job easier, try to start early and take it one room at a time. Especially if you have a partner or other people to help you, take a room each and start packing. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll start gaining momentum, and soon you’ll have a right amount packed without the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you have a house in mind and are looking to sell, you can sell your home to SoCalHomebuyers you can also leave work to a trusted agent. These companies can take the stress out of selling your house so you can focus on moving.

2. Write it down

Write down
If you have a lot of essential things to pack and want to make sure you don’t forget anything, or want to make sure items like your essential kitchenware a priority to get unpacked in your new house, we suggest keeping a journal or writing lists. This way you can make your way through the house in order of priority, and if you need to make a few trips over several days, you can be getting the things you need to get started living in your new house, followed by your clothes and decorations.

3. Try to be grateful

Try to be grateful
This is a simple technique to make your life a little more happy and less stressful, no matter what you’re doing. By thinking about one thing you are grateful for each day, you are wiring your brain to think about positives rather than negatives. One great tool is the 5-minute journal, which includes writing things that you are grateful for, affirmations and more that can increase your feelings of well-being.

4. Get to the gym and remember your diet

When working on a big project, it is easy to let the good habits like working out and eating will fall away. We tell ourselves that we’ll go when the project is done, but really, this is the best time to keep going! Working out 2-3 times a week and getting well-rounded meals in, will help ensure your mental and physical health through the move!

5. Sleep

Similar to working out, getting enough sleep is a significant influencer on your stress levels. Moving house is bad enough without being tired on top of that! Working late into the night packing is no good if you wake up the next day exhausted and can’t do any more without feeling terrible. To help unwind before bed try chamomile tea, baths and either not using a screen an hour before bed, or at least download an app to your device that removed the blue light such as flux. This will help the natural chemicals to work and get your body ready for bed.

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