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5 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

December 2, 2015

While we are approaching New Year step by step, I am unutterably excited just like every other year. I just want to believe in a new bright future by leaving sadness and bad memories behind. I want to reflect this increasing enthusiasm on the house. Since the beginning of the month, I am nagging on Eray for setting up the Christmas tree. Ezgi’s reaction to the tree is still a mystery for now, but I am already window shopping for the new ornaments presented by the stores. And now you can even purchase personalized holiday ornaments in bulk.

I have various ideas for this year. For example, I want to wrap presents own by own instead of getting them wrapped at the store. I think Ikea is the right address for wrapping papers. Ornaments might be a great present decoration materials. If you have a fireplace at home, you may want to decorate it with small acorns and little pine trees. We do not have a fireplace, but I am planning to apply this idea for the living room console 🙂 look some images bellow for Christmas Decoration Ideas in your home.

1. Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea

christmas gift wrapping ideasVia
Kids Craft Potato Stamped Paper Holiday Gift Wrap IdeasVia

2. Christmas Ornaments

DIY Paper Christmas OrnamentsVia

DIY Twig Heart OrnamentVia

3. Fireplace Decoration

coziness of the fireplace in a living room christmas decorationVia

Mid-sized transitional enclosed family room in Vancouver with white walls and a standard fireplaceVia

4. Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas TreesVia

Christmas evening with IKEA companyVia

5. Delicious & Decorative Winter Cake

I am sure that you will cook the best food and rice for the New Year; if you do not have any specific ideas for the desert, check out this amazing cake. It is definitely going to be delicious and decorative choice.
delicious and decorative christmas cakeVia

Christmas Tree CakeVia

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