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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Like A Pro

November 25, 2018

If you’re planning to renovate your house, then you must have realized that most of the expenses go to the bathroom area. This is because, apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is usually one of the most expensive rooms to upgrade in your house. But you don’t need a very big budget to get your space looking luxurious. There are several ways to give your bathroom area that expensive appeal without digging deep into your bank account.

With the following tips, you don’t have to feel stuck. Act like a pro for outstanding results.

Add a piece of furniture

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.  A simple piece of furniture can turn your bathroom space into a luxury in an instance. Look for that misplaced garden stool or curved armchair and place it at the center of your space for that much anticipated grand look. It’s a good way to relax and also apply your manicure. Give that toilet seat a break!

Replace That Bath Mat

Yes, you heard it right. Unfortunately, the bath mat is one of the most neglected bathroom accessories. When did you last change yours? Having a dirty, rugged bath mat will only make your space look unkempt and unappealing. Consider investing in one of those fancy Turkish or Persian bathroom rugs. They not only offer a soft appeal, but also brighten up the area with colorful patterns.

Get A New Toilet Seat

Toilet seats like most products keep evolving with time. So if you’re still struggling with your too-low seat, it’s time to give it an uplift. Besides, what might have worked for you in your twenties might not necessarily work in your forties. We learn to appreciate comfort with time and this is one area of the bathroom that you can’t simply choose to ignore.

If you have a stretchable budget, it’s advisable to buy a new toilet. But before you head to the stores, it’s good to go through some reviews to find out which one is the best out there. You can get some information from close family members and friends or visit the Flush Guide website for some in-depth reviews and price comparisons on various toilets.

Hang A Custom-made Mirror

Mirrors have powerful room transformation powers. They can make your space look larger than it actually is. Most people tend to move with the flow when it comes to this important bathroom fixture. But you don’t have to be like everyone else. Instead of settling for a standard medicine cabinet with a mirror-front, have yours custom-made. This will give it a little bit more personality. You can even use it to pronounce your sense of style. You can even try making yours from an old piece using DIY videos for a flair look.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve your dream bathroom look. Sometimes it just requires you to think outside the box. There are so many things you can do with the already existing fixtures/accessories to turn things around. But remember the real change is in the little details, so pay attention to that like the pro you’re!

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