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Decorative Glass Mirrors: a Luxurious Object for Your Home Déco

July 25, 2022

Murano is an island in the Venetian lagoon famous for producing glass objects. This activity has been developing since the XIII century when the Doge decided to move the glass furnaces from the island of Venice to Murano for safety reasons.

The manipulation and creation of glass hide a vast knowledge of the material and the peculiar techniques. Another reason for the movement of this activity to the island was the danger of spreading this knowledge above. Venetian Glass Masters were a protected category of workers, as other States wanted to replicate the masterpieces created by them.

Nowadays glassmaking production is an alive activity: the creations made are renowned and requested from all around the world. Moreover, if you visit Murano, you will get the chance to see the glass furnaces and how the products are created.

The delicate art of manipulating glass has been passed on from father to son since the very beginning. Even though today the aspirant masters are much fewer than in the past, the activity keeps developing. At YourMurano, you will have the chance to check out a wide range of products resulting from the skillfulness of the glass Masters.

From the smaller decorations to the more elaborate-patterned objects, every piece is carefully thought out and designed. The main purpose is to leave the customer with an irreplaceable souvenir from the handcrafted hands of Venetian artisans.

A category in vogue is the Glass Mirrors: luxurious decorations that will give an elegant and ancient Venetian touch to the home environment.

The main producer in this sector is Ongaro & Fuga. In the 19th century, the Fuga family started operating with glass, specializing in mirrors. The artisan and artist Angelo Fuga was one of the first to create Venetian glass mirrors. In 1862 the Glass Museum’s director commissioned him an engraved mirror 2.50 x 1.70 meters large. This huge mirror was recognized as one of the most magnificent operas of all time.

Today Giuliano Fuga is the head of Ongaro & Fuga: an expression of the secular tradition that has been transmitted for generations. The main philosophy of Giuliano is not only to “know how”, but especially to “know how to imagine”. The furnace tries to combine the traditional art of glass with new ideas and materials, creating a bridge toward the future. For this reason, they often collaborate with artists, architects, and designers. Moreover, the restoration of many historical buildings is being commissioned to Organo & Fuga: an example is the restoration of the Teatro La Fenice’s mirrors in the 60s.

On the website of YourMurano, you will be amazed by the elegant decorative glass mirrors. Entirely handmade, these timeless mirrors represent the perfect ornament to enlighten your home décor.

Among the ones with simpler lines and classic decorations, some mirrors could be true pieces of art. Made in silver or gold, rectangular or oval-shaped, some with additional external applications and some others with hand-engraved details, you will certainly find the perfect one to give your house a luxurious touch. 

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