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Suggestions For a Better Home Decorations

December 2, 2015

Even we are wasting most of our time at office or traffic during the day, at the end of the day we return to our home where it is; a shelter that we rest, and a temple that we meet our families. Our time at home is the most precious, and this place is the happiest place and full of memories for us.

Since quality time at home means increase in our happiness, I have a few suggestion for a better home:

beach style master bedroom in New York with beige walls and carpetVia

large contemporary master bedroom in Portland with gray walls, carpetVia

Inspiration for a modern bedroom in Milwaukee with gray walls and light hardwood floorsVia

I don’t know if there is anything else providing more energy for humans rather than sunlight. If your home is facing south side, you are lucky and use this luck. Open the curtains, let the sunlight in during summer and let it be bright along the winter.

Holiday styling with candlesVia

lit candle in the bedroomVia

Candles! Since the weather is getting colder, it feels like we have a better reason to use them. For me, it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter. There is always a lit candle in the house. It is both decorative and fragrant. You may use incense sticks as an alternative. You will get closer to a spa experiments, if you choose smooth and relaxing fragrances.

Design ideas for a shabby chic style dining room with medium tone hardwood floors and fresh flowersVia

Inspiration for a rustic living room in Philadelphia with brown walls and fresh flowersVia

I cannot even find a word to define my love for the fresh flowers. Get as many flowers as you can for your home. Just having them presented is a good enough reason to be happy.

Mediterranean kitchen in San Francisco with a farmhouse sink and stainless steel appliancesVia

let your home have some fresh air through window

Do not close your windows just because it is winter, open them entirely, let your home have some fresh air. Believe me, it will make a difference. A house without fresh air is the worst. I even let the windows slightly open while sleeping at night. Breathe in the fresh air. No worries, you won’t get sick 🙂

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