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10 Must-Know Tips for Designing Amazing Home Theater Rooms

April 15, 2020

What right-minded movie-loving family wouldn’t want to have their own home theater. A place where you could go and enjoy the full cinema experience from the comfort of your own home, and watch movies the right way, every day.

Did you know that in 2019 movie attendance dropped by 4%? You might think that this is the beginning of a trend. You could be right. With the rise of streaming services, who needs the movies?

There could be a point made, but the fact remains people love the movie-going experience, so imagine having that in your own home. Watching Netflix or Disney+ in a true home cinema.

Keep reading for some killer tips on how to build the very best home theater rooms for you home and change the way you watch tv and movies forever.

1. Set a Pre-Agreed Budget

If you are going to be designing home theater rooms, the very first thing you need to do is agree on and ensure you stick to a budget.

It is very easy to overspend when designing a room like this, and not only does that put you into problems financially, but it removes some of the enjoyment of using the room forever because you will always be reminded of your overspend.

2. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When you are thinking about how to design home theater rooms, it is important to understand and accept that size isn’t everything.

You don’t need to have a fifty seater cinema in your house in order to be able to call the room a home theater. It is all about making
the best use of the space and options available to you, and understanding the true need you have.

Keeping your own home theater room small can have many benefits including an extra cozy and extra special feel.

3. Avoid the Windows

Of course, a core thing about home theater rooms, of any design and style, is the lighting. You want to ensure that you can black out any windows, or, if you are building it from scratch, consider having no windows at all.

Doing this will help you set the right tone and mood for your theater before the lights dim and the show begins.

4. Carefully Consider Your Lighting

In much the way windows are to be carefully considered and removed when designing home theater rooms, one item that is a must, is lighting.

Now, this is not as simple as just hanging a couple of lamps and making do.

You need to give careful consideration to every from possible glare on the screen, to the general ambiance, the lighting creates bother before, during and after the film.

5. Hide the Wires

Wires just get in the way of everything, but when you are building home theater rooms, one thing you know you are going to have in excess is wiring. However, with some clever decorations and a bit of thought, you can hide the wires and not ruin the atmosphere for your cinema.

Check out this article from elitehts.com for more advice on decorating your DIY home theater room.

6. Get Your Speakers Sorted

What’s the best part of the cinema? No not the popcorn or other snacks, but the sound. There really is no better way to watch a movie. So when creating your own home theater room, you need to give careful thought to your sound system.

You want to get something that takes into both the budget you have, room size, and general auditory interests.

7. Invest in That Real Theater Feeling

Of course, there are home theater rooms and then there are rooms that are good for watching movies in. If you really want to get a good home cinema, then you should invest in making sure you capture that real theater feeling. Good seats, and some decorations to help you slip into that movie-going mindset. It’s part of the deal and can have a huge impact on your movie-watching experience.

8.Custom Build or Modification

Maybe this could have appeared higher on the list, but one core consideration when building and designing home theater rooms is whether or not you are going to renovate an existing space or build something new from the ground up.

This is an important decision as it allows you to build with all of these other considerations in mind from the start, and that will certainly give you a better and more well-rounded cinema experience in the end.

9. Prioritize A/V Positioning

Audiovisual equipment is paramount for a good home theater. Do you have a DVD / Blu ray setup, or a machine using a streaming service like

Netflix and Disney+? What about a beamer? All of these are valid options but you need to give consideration to both positioning and ventilation to ensure you get the best experience and reduce the risk of damaging or overheating your machines.

Nothing is worse than having your movie stall or stop because of an avoidable mechanical failure.

10. Keep the Design Clean and Clear

We mentioned earlier than when it comes to a DIY home theater room you need to make sure you get the right aesthetic, it is equally important to make sure you don’t go overboard and created a cluttered and messy environment.

You need to find that balance that sites between creating a good experience with overloading the senses and detracting from the overall experience.

The Best Home Theater Rooms Fit Your Needs and Your Style

While there may be many different ways to create stunning home theater rooms, the very best design is one that not only serves its purpose but fits your own unique style. There is no one way to go about designing home theater rooms. Just look at the movies. Different locations all have different designs.

Depending on your own personal preferences, budget, and sense of style, your own room should be something that speaks to you and makes you feel happy to spend time in.

For more information on anything from home decor to general lifestyle advice, check out some of our other posts today.

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