5 Epic and Corporate Social Events, Activities and Games

October 10, 2018
Social Events, Activities and Games

Droopy shoulders around your office are annoying you to death, and this will surely damage the productivity. You want to create the events for your team to loosen up some individuals, but you have no idea where to start and what to start. There are many ideas of creating the team building events or curricular activities.

After work, social events can be mixed with the themed games that will certainly rejoice the people who are participating and the crowd watching.

To help you reinvent the “wow” experience, we have found some events and games for you. Show this list to your coordinator or your manager.

These quirky events will soon be the buzz in your office.

1. Office Olympics

Office olympics
Something exciting is about to happen, yes, create your own office Olympic version and let the people show their physical endurance with the games. Whether it is cycling, jumping, snack competition or any tactical games.

You don’t have to wait for the world Olympics because the real Olympic spirit is going to awake the tired bodies.

2. Car Boot Sale

Car Boot Sale
Thisreally kills the two birds with one stone.

You can sell the things you don’t want,whether they are your own belongings or the outdated office equipment.

Park your car outside the office, load up the luggage cabin with things and sell them to the general public. Your manager will award you or give you a cash prize if you succeed to sell out more things and bring handsome cash to the manager after selling the scrap of his office.

3. Sumo Throwdown

Sumo Throwdown
If you are strong enough to push the one out of the 15 feet diameter ring, then this contest will reveal you that how physically fit you are.

Sumo is a Japanesewrestling event. In this game, you will be awarded the prizes set by the conductor. You can rent some sumo bodies from the market to make this event real enough to show your strength.

4. Endurance

If you want to be like Dermot O’Leary who danced 21 hours without sleeping and eating in the comic relief, then this type of endurance will be the best chance to prove yourself that how crazy you are about dancing.

Not only this but you can organise other endurance competitions, such as push-ups, swimming, cycling or running.

5. Themed Bowling Night

Themed Bowling Night
Get ready to knock over the pins with bowing.

You can book your game in any bowling club with 5-6 teams. Hit the target with an accurate andbalanced throw and get awarded with the prizes your employer decided for you.
The fun twist is that you can organise this game with themed dresses. Rent or buy these dresses from the market and add the real fun factor to this game.

Now, these five games will have the teams appreciative for their physical and mental strength. It further improves the productivity of the organisation and makes the employees remain interactive with each other. These after-work games will certainly change the working environment later in professional life. So, plan your next corporate pop events and rejuvenate your cognitive and physical strength.

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