5 Ideas to Make a Graduation Day More Memorable

December 7, 2021

It is really a happy moment when you graduate from school or college. Graduating is a major milestone in a person’s life, and it calls for a grand celebration. 

However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, education and graduation ceremonies have shifted over calls like Zoom and other mediums which somewhat hampers the whole experience. 

So, while the students will get their diplomas, many will not be able to attend their graduation ceremony in person.

As a parent, you can plan a party for your children at home while following all the COVID-19 safety protocols. 

So, graduation signs for yard to host a themed party will be the best gifts for your loved ones to keep it memorable forever. Here are some of the ideas on how you can make their graduation ceremony special. 

1. Organize a Video Party

Gathering over a video call is the safest option to communicate with your beloved ones. So, you can arrange a surprise call for the new grad wherein you can invite their nearest and dearest to give a toast in their name. It is a great way for the family and friends of the newly grad to show their appreciation for them and share some words of wisdom. 

2. Create a Video Gift

If you find scheduling a video call with friends and family difficult, you can ask them to send a video message for the graduate. You can ask each person to send a short video message, which you can later edit into one big heart-touching video. This video will be something you all will cherish for a very long time. 

3. Schedule a Watch Party

While a watch party amongst friends is a normal thing these days, you can set up a projector in the backyard to take it up a notch. 

A chrome extension known as Teleparty enables users to watch a movie together and automatically synchronizes the playback among different computers. Moreover, the platform also has an option of live chat available. 

So, you can fully enjoy your favorite movies at your watch party. 

4. Host a Themed party

If you want to host a proper party, you can host a themed party for the new grad and some of their friends. Ensure that you cater a specific menu of drinks and food that the young adults might like. Graduation signs for the yard can be a great surprise for the new graduate and hosting a surprise party in the backyard to take it a step further. 

5. Do a Photo Op in the Cap and Gown

A graduation ceremony is incomplete without a tasseled cap and a black robe. So, even if your kid can’t attend the college ceremony at their college, you can schedule one in your backyard. 

You can call their friends and classmates and do a photo op in the ceremonial graduation robe. 

These photos will be cherished for a long time to come and make the newly graduated feel the thrill of tossing their tasseled cap in the air. 

These are some graduation party ideas that you can follow to make their day special. 

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