Detailed Infographic Reveals Florida is the Retirement Capital of the US

January 17, 2020

It’s the Sunshine State – the state where a lot of holidaymakers also end up. However, if a recent infographic is to be believed, Florida is the retirement capital of the United States as well.
Towncare Dental have put together a really interesting study on the proportion of seniors in the US; accumulating all sorts of statistics that has helped them calculate which places in the country seem to attract the most of this age group.

As we have already divulged, Florida is by far and away the winner. This had the highest percentage of people aged of 65, while it also had one of the highest average ages at 41.8 years (this was the fifth highest in the whole country).

The data, which seems to have mainly been sourced from, dived into individual cities as well. From here, it was clear why Florida takes all the headlines, with seven out of the top ten cities with the highest median age being part of the sunshine state. These included The Villages, with an average median age of 66.4, Punta Gorda with 58.1 and Homosassa Springs with 55.9.

There were some other states that formed some interesting points as well. For example, in the case of Maine, this had the highest median age at 44.3 years. Then, if we look at just the number of seniors living in a single state, California grabs this mantle with over 5.14 million. Of course, due to the sheer size of California, this was hardly a surprise.

We’ll leave you to dissect the full infographic below. It’s clear that for anyone who loves data, and the smart ways in which some companies are able to visualize it, this infographic is one of the best we have seen about depicting just what areas of the country seniors tend to end up in.


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